SOS Referendum Fails To Stave Off GOP Attack on Schools

The universal school voucher program enacted by the Legislature and Gov. Ducey this year went into effect today despite heroic efforts by volunteers organized by Save Our Schools to block the law through referendum. Today, the Arizona Secretary of State announced that the number of signatures fell short of the required number to place the law on the ballot for voters to approve or disapprove in 2024. This sad result highlights the importance of electing officials who will support instead of undermine our public schools. Education is ON THE BALLOT in the voting set to begin in less than two weeks.

Today’s development is heartbreaking news. Public schools are the foundation of our civic and economic life. The failure of Republican leaders to support them is shameful and devastating to our economic and moral future. Despite heroic efforts by volunteers, millions of dollars will be transferred from public schools to wealthy parents who already afford private school tuition — and the $7000 given to those who don’t really need it will never be enough for a needy student to leave a public school for these expensive alternatives.

Now, it’s up to Arizona voters to say ENOUGH. Elect Democrats who will rebuild our public school system.

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