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The State Committee is the governing body of the Arizona Democratic Party. Members of the state committee are elected by precinct committee persons throughout the state. Our County Party is entitled to elect 64 members to the State Committee. We’ll do this at our Reorganization Meeting on December 12.

There is one qualification to be elected: You must be an elected precinct committee person for the 2020-2022 term. We have over 190 elected PCs. As of this writing over 40 have nominated themselves to be State Committee Members. If you are a PC and want to nominate yourself, contact us at .

There are three state committee meetings each year. The next is January 23, 2021, and will take place via Zoom.

State Committee members are expected to attend all state committee meetings — either in person or by proxy. The meetings last for a single day — a Saturday, and, once we can meet in person again, they will be at various locations throughout the state. It is our goal as a County Party that no one is denied the opportunity to serve on the state committee because they cannot afford travel and lodging expenses.

State Committee members vote on resolutions related to party policy and amend the party by-laws as needed. Members also participate in party caucuses and councils and may be appointed to serve on the State Party’s standing committees: Affirmative Action, Election Integrity Committee, Platform Committee, Resolutions Committee, Rules Committee.


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