Take Action: Trump’s Budget Cuts to Social Security

Trump’s just-released budget proposal includes $1.7 trillion in cuts to critical programs, including Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Medicaid.  Workers and small businesses pay for SSDI through regular payroll taxes, and they have done so for decades pursuant to our nation’s social contract to provide critical financial support for disabled workers and their families. SSDI is an earned benefit, just as the “old-age pension” piece of Social Security is.

Trump and Speaker Ryan want to deconstruct the sacred social contract, beginning by denying disabled workers their earned benefits.  The average monthly SSDI benefit for a disabled worker is just $1,171.52―or about $14,000 a year.

Trump and Ryan hope begin dismantling our social contract by dividing citizens against each other. Trump will say he is “saving social security,” as he promised during his campaign, but he’s actually removing an essential piece of the system. Which piece will be next?

Take Action: 

Call Senator Flake and Senator McCain and tell them to vote against any budget that cuts Social Security Disability Insurance. (contact numbers and emails at the links)

Email Representative O’Halleran and thank him for supporting SSDI.

Source: Social Security Works (socialsecurityworks.org)

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