Tax Scam Days for Action!

Coconino Democrats join Indivisible groups around the country to stop the tax bill in the Senate. Our Senators, McCain and Flake, are key to the success we need.

In Northern Arizona, we have little opportunity, without hours of travel, to join the sit-ins that will be taking place. But we can flood the phone and fax lines, and the email boxes.

Demand that our Senators vote against the “Motion to Proceed” on the tax bill. This is a key first step in the Senate process and Mitch McConnell needs at least 50 votes to get it. This will happen no later than WEDNESDAY, so TAKE ACTION TODAY!

If the motion to proceed succeeds, the fight isn’t over. We can still kill the bill if we keep McConnell from getting the necessary 50 votes to pass the actual bill—this is what happened with healthcare when Sen. McCain voted against TrumpCare.

Here’s the contact info you need for Senator McCain and Senator Flake.  You can also send a fax by texting using Resistbot: 504-09.

Source: Tax Scam Day of Action: Sit-Ins

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