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The fight is not over. The Senate bill is different from what passed the House and those differences must be reconciled. Some of what’s different is better in the later bill1 — thanks to pressure from people like you!  So, let’s keep it up.

The tax bill goes back to the House today, and the House has two options for moving forward:

  • Pass the Senate bill as-is despite the Senate’s bill being quite different than the House’s. This would send the bill to Trump’s desk where it would be signed into law.
  • Go to conference, a process where members of both chambers work out the differences between the two bills. Conference could last up to two weeks… allowing us to keep up the pressure.

Call Rep. O’Halleran and ask him to vote to go to conference:  202-225-3361

Fill in this form to send a message.

Text 504-09 to send a letter using Resistbot.

1The medical expense deduction is retained in the Senate bill. The AMT and Estate taxes are retained in the Senate bill, though they will cover fewer people. State and local property taxes up to $10,000 may be deducted under the Senate bill.  Tuition waivers from grad students would not be considered income to the students under the Senate bill. What’s worse: The ACA individual mandate would be repealed under the Senate bill but not under the House bill.

Some of the Differences Congress Must Resolve, from the Washington Post.

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