The current disaster in the White House

To quote former Arizona head coach Denny Green, “They are what we thought they were and we let them off the hook.”

Coach Green was describing the Chicago Bears after they had just beat his Cardinals. To paraphrase this quote, one could say the same thing about Trump. He is what we thought he was and up to this point in time, we have let him off the hook.

This president is an unadulterated disaster. He is the worst president in the history of the United States of America. Hands down. Not even close. This was no more apparent than during his recent trip to England. Trump insulted the prime minister of England, the mayor of London and the former Meghan Markle all within 24 hours. He has weakened NATO. He has threatened our relationship with England. Most importantly, he has “…convinced many European leaders they can no longer rely on the United States in the event of emergency.” (Uncertain times for US, allies, 6/6/19, A5)

Trump continues to gaslight the American people with an astounding number of untruths. According the Washington Post, this president has lied over 10,000 times since taking office. Whether it be “no obstruction, no collusion” or the number of people protesting his visit to England, he will repeat his fabrications over and over again in hopes of convincing at least the people who voted for him that what they are hearing is just “fake news.” News flash: It is Trump that spreads falsehoods, not the news media. The Daily Sun reports in the briefly section that “half of US adults consider fake news a major problem… (and) also believe journalists have the responsibility for fixing it.” (6/6/19, A4)PauseCurrent Time0:00/Duration Time0:00Stream TypeLIVELoaded: 0%Progress: 0%0:00Fullscreen00:00Mute

Lastly, his pandering to conservatives lead to his halting of fetal research and his continual denial of climate change. A clear majority of scientists in both the health field and climate research support the opposing view.

Trump is an unmitigated failure. It is past the time to “give him the hook”. Unfortunately, it is best for the country to wait until the 2020 election. Make sure you vote!


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