The Pandemic Is The Economy Now

Getting in control of this virus is the first step to getting Arizona’s economy back on track. Until then, our families will continue to shoulder the burden of Donald Trump’s failures.

For the last three years, it’s been one crisis after another—with the livelihoods and lives of our families always on the line.

This chaotic presidency has made it clear: We simply cannot afford another four years of Trump.

Four more years of the chaos we’ve seen will fundamentally alter the character of this nation. It will do irreparable damage to our nation’s health, economy, and standing in the world. And it will continue to degrade the values and institutions we cherish.

In this critical moment, America needs the steady, unifying, experienced leadership of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to build our country back better.

They’ve laid out a plan to, first and foremost, get this virus under control — allowing us to reopen schools and workplaces safely. And they’ll always protect American families, because they care.

Contrast that with the heartless absence of leadership from this White House, and the choice this November could not be more clear.

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