More “Witches” Indicted Today

While Republicans and our President continue to harangue the Mueller investigation, our loyal law enforcement officials continue to plug away.  Today, the United States of American indicted more Russian citizens — specifically, officials of the Russian government under the command of Putin — on the grounds of conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 Election. The means of the conspiracy included hacking into private computer servers and into the data files of State and County election officials as well as timing releases of stolen documents in order to influence the election.

July 13 Indictment That’s a full copy of the indictment with our editor’s highlights. “Organization 1” named in the indictment is Wikileaks — a simple Google search for the dates of document releases described can confirm that.

An interesting question, the answer to which we’ll need to wait a while longer for — but it will come — is where did the Grand Jury get those Russian names? Gates? Roger Stone? Mike Flynn?

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