This Week: Make or Break on Healthcare

There is a lot of Trump/Russian news coming out. Leave that to Special Counsel Mueller and don’t be distracted from calling and emailing about the health care bill. This week is make or break on health care! The right is calling for “Clean Repeal.” Make sure you specify that you are calling and emailing to preserve the Affordable Care Act, for universal coverage, and single-payor.
Contact Senator McCain, Senator Flake, and Congressman O’Halleran (the latter supports improving the ACA and universal coverage but is not there yet on single-payor).
The Arizona Democratic Party supports the Medicare-for-All Bill (HR 676) which is pending in the House with over 100 co-sponsors.
Questions about our health care system? We’ve got some great videos explaining where we are and where we should go. Check out our latest Talking Points.
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