Time to get Ducey to shut down gun violence

I would personally like to thank everyone who showed up to wear orange at the Coconino County Courthouse on Friday. What a wonderful turnout it was. Now our next step is to begin the dialogue with Governor Doug Ducey to begin the conversation of gun violence.

My goal is to convene a statewide town hall to develop a plan that the governor can present to the state legislature in January 2020 during his state of the state address where he must declare the end of gun violence in Arizona and call a special session to develop a statewide background check for anyone who purchases a gun in Arizona. The goal must be to prevent gun violence and violence against women, particularly violence and sexual assault against those in our community with intellectual disabilities who do not have the ability to understand.

I will ask the governor to declare Arizona a national model for criminal justice reform, something that is being talked about on the national stage, and people with disabilities will continue to be invisible no longer. If this does not happen we need to make our voices loud and clear at the ballot box. I need you to donate money to this nationwide movement (www.everytownusa.org) to end violence once and for all.

TED GARLAND, Flagstaff

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