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Regarding I-17/I-40 road conditions (article and opinion published 10/23), I’d like to encourage fellow readers to take ownership of this problem and become part of the solution. We have taken our public facilities for granted for too long, and we are paying for it.

Be willing to pay for public works – many Flagstaff residents use these facilities every day. Local public approval of the City/County road repair tax was an encouraging step, but state facilities affect us, too. We need to think beyond our little mountain town.

Consider your vote for state legislature next year – it continues to starve our most basic shared public resources (infrastructure, education…). “Tax cut” sure sounds appealing during campaign season, but crumbling roads and abysmal teacher retention have become our daily reality. When will the cutting end and the sustainable investment in our shared future begin?

We have to act NOW – a patch will never hold more than a season in our climate and with our heavy usage. This is not commentary on the ADOT maintenance crew, it’s just a fact. The article made it clear that ADOT does not have funding for capital improvements for this stretch through 2022. Are you prepared to watch this continue to deteriorate for AT LEAST the next five years, just hoping the next round of budgeting will be more favorable?


Source: To fix roads, change Legislature | Letters |

Editor’s note: Our candidates for Legislative District 6 are Wade Carlise, Bobby Taylor, and Felicia French. This issue is at the forefront of their campaigns.

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