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To me, being a patriot of the United States of America is far deeper than rituals and symbols, however meaningful they may be to some. It is certainly more inclusive than the military.

Demonstrating true patriotism, belief in the American style of democracy and ideals, is available to us all every day in every profession, every economic level, and every ethnicity.

True patriotism cannot be required by some outward demonstration, but comes from within. On fall Sundays, some folks at football stadiums may satisfy their “true” patriotism by saluting the flag. However, according to statistics based on 2016 voter turnout, almost half of those standing did not vote.

Informed voting at all levels of government is a fundamental indication of true patriotism. Informed voting does demonstrate an understanding of the meaning and responsibility of being a United States citizen.


Source: True patriots are informed voters | Letters |

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