Trump doesn’t understand how business works

President Trump keeps calling Obama’s Iran nuclear deal “terrible.” Why so? To understand Trump’s reasoning, we need to look at some history.

In 2015, despite heavy sanctions, Iran had reached the capability of building nuclear weapons. Obama was at a crossroads: Should he go to war with Iran to stop them or should he give Iran incentives to voluntarily abandon nuclear weapons? Obama chose the latter and entered into a deal.

Iran gave up nuclear weapons development, but the Iran nuclear deal cost American taxpayers almost 2 billion dollars.

That does seem like a lot of money. Of course, Obama understood that going to war with Iran would have been even more expensive; the Iraq war for example cost trillions (not just billions) of dollars.

Yes it is disturbing that we are giving a thuggish country like Iran billions of dollars. But from a pure business perspective, the Iran nuclear deal was actually great – saving American taxpayers trillions of dollars otherwise spent on a war with Iran.

So then why does Trump call the Iran nuclear deal “terrible?” Apparently Trump does not understand business. Who knew…

HANS BUHRER, Flagstaff

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