Trump’s Legal Effort Slowly Bleeds Out

With a hearing in Trump’s frivolous suit to force a new hand audit in Maricopa County set for hearing tomorrow, let’s look at how his legal team has fared so far.

Trump has racked up  a pathetic record of 1 win and 24 losses, with recent defeats in WisconsinGeorgiaPennsylvania, and Michigan

Forfeits are better than losses – Trump lawyers are withdrawing lawsuitscutting significant sections from claimsbacktracking on statements in court, and even seem to be quitting altogether.

And also better than going to jail –– The GOP lawyers are trying to avoid perjuring themselves under oath because they know arguing Trump’s lies would land them in jail. Both judges and the nation are rejecting these groundless cases, which are abusing the legal system and bilking wallets of Trump supporters

Graham: Throw out the votes! ––  Georgia’s Secretary of State reported that Senator Lindsey Graham called him and asked him to find ways to invalidate legal mail-in votes in the state. Graham and other Republicans should just come out and say it: they believe in Trump more than democracy.

Source: Navigator Research

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