Trump’s Narrowing of “Angel Families” Is an Insult to Victims

In our continuing quest for truth as a weapon against divisive propaganda, we dug up this 2016 article about “angel moms” — the origin of Trump’s false reality show today. No one can doubt the painful loss of the family members he put on display. They are entitled to seek comfort wherever they can — just like the victims of other tragedies. But we can doubt the “facts” spewed from Trump’s mouth along with his crocodile tears. (Oh, wait, were there any tears?)

Angel Moms began in 2000 as a support group for any mother who lost a child to any cause. Like cancer or gun violence. Two problems this administration is doing little about. has nothing to do with Trump’s message.

There are other groups by other names who mourn the loss of family members due to crimes or accidents involving undocumented people. (Known to Trump as “illegal aliens” who are “infesting” our country, according to him.) These are the groups the people pulled before cameras today come from.

But statistics show there is no way to blame large amounts of crime on the undocumented. In fact, undocumented people commit crime at a lower rate than the general population.

But this administration has never let facts get in the way of its false reality media campaigns. Nor, is it above appropriating the name of a legitimate organization designed to comfort all victims for their tragic losses. In other words, this administration is deplorable, disgusting, and it must be stopped.

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