As the Republicans march in lock step to dismantle programs for children’s education, assistance for working families, and Medicaid/Access, they have accelerated their efforts to also dismantle the entire middle class, for the benefit of the wealthy. The recently proposed flat tax by the Republican dominated State Legislature will significantly raise taxes on working people and significantly lower taxes for the wealthiest Arizonans.

Please take a moment to see where you fall on this new tax table. For example, if you make less than $100,000, your taxes will be going up. The less you make, the greater the percentage of tax increase. If you make more than $100,000, your taxes will go down. The more you make, the greater the percentage of tax decrease.

Flat Tax Winners and Losers
Income #; current tax-flat tax; % chg

Under $10K; $1 – $201; 19,900%
$10K-$20K; $67 – $303; 352%
$20K- $25K; $165 – $358; 117%
$25K- $30K; $262 – $463; 77%
$30K-$40K; $414 – $610; 47%
$40K- $50K; $603 – $778; 29%
$50K-$75K; $894 – $1,072; 20%
$75K-$100K; $1,392 – $1,532; 10%
$100K-$200K; $2,549 – $2,228; (12.6%)
$200K-$500K; $7,194 – $5,059; (30%)
$500K-$1M; $20,617 – $12,027; (42%)
$1M-$5M; $60,372 – $32,965; (45%)
More than $5M $546,314 $299,202 (45%)

— Source: Arizona Department of Revenue

How do you feel about this? Is this the type of State you want for yourselves and your children?

What is to be done?

The one real advantage that the Republicans have is their unity and single mindedness of purpose. We, on the progressive side, must unify and coordinate our efforts to be as effective as we can possibly be to fight for the people. There is no choice. We are the big tent party, but we cannot afford to squabble over any differences we might have amongst ourselves. We must come together and be loud and proud of what we believe in. We must energize, we must mobilize. Without this, how can we expect people to vote for our candidates. Without this, how can we attract candidates who will stand for us.

In keeping with these thoughts, CCDems will be reaching out to all of the progressive groups in Northern Arizona and ask for their advice, and for their help in building a coalition to fight for people and to fight for the restoration of reason. We will be asking these groups to help form a committee to identify key issues we should all be concentrating on, and to help develop a coordinated strategy to advance our values and our mission to stand for every Arizonan.

Please stay tuned as this effort progresses.

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