Update on Sylvia Allen’s View of Morality

State Senator Sylvia Allen (R) says its “immoral” to give workers 3 paid days of sick leave and a minimum wage, but it’s A-Okay to take money from public schools for private charters like the one she runs.

Yesterday, a Republican-controlled Senate panel agreed with her and advanced a proposal to reverse the 2016 voter-approved referendum protecting workers.

Calling the voter-approved measure “morally wrong,” as Sylvia Allen did in late January,  a Republican-controlled Senate panel voted Monday to ask voters to reconsider the 2016 measure that is set to hike the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020. SCR 1016 would not entirely rescind what was approved by a margin of 58-42 percent in that wages would not go back to the $8.05 an hour they were two years ago. However, it would repeal future scheduled increases, freezing the minimum employers must pay at the current $10.50 an hour.

What it also would do is eliminate the provision of the 2016 law which says that full-time employees are entitled to at least three days of paid sick leave.

Monday’s 5-3 party-line vote by the Committee on Commerce and Public Safety sends the measure to the full Senate. If it is approved there and by the House, also controlled by Republicans, the question would go to voters in November.

This legislature must change! It’s time for Sylvia Allen to go! Get registered; vote in November 2018 for Democrats!

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