Urgent Action Alert: Say No to Article V Convention

There is a nationwide right-wing movement, encouraged and funded by the Koch Brothers, to convene an unprecedented Article V convention, a so-called “Convention of the States.” Such a convention would open the door to completely rewriting our Constitution. Opponents to this process (including deceased Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia) argue there is no controlling a convention once it has been convened. The AZ Republic published this editorial last week by two law professors, which does a good job of explaining the very real risks of an Article V convention.

Pending in the Arizona legislature are four Article V bills: HB2226, HB2449, HCR2013 and HCR2022. All of them have passed the House. On Monday (yesterday) the Senate Rules Committee approved. The Senate could vote at any time.


Contact Allen to Oppose.

Contact: Sylvia Allen


Contact: Senate leaders and ask them not to bring the billsbrought to the floor:

 Senate President Steve Yarbourgh

(602) 926-5863


Kimberley Lee — Senate Majority Leader

(602) 926-5863


Script: “Hi, I’m _________from ________, AZ. I am against the re-writing of our Constitution, the most cherished of our national documents. Article V of the U.S. Constitution has been dormant since 1789. Activating it now will bring chaos to our dear country.  Please tally my call.” 

Email also!

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