Vote Now! The Primary Election Is Underway! Vote Early + Safely!

We have a wonderful County Elections Office in Coconino County! Today is the first day you can vote early, in-person for the August 4 Primary Election. Here is a schedule of locations and hours were you can go to vote early.

Better yet, for safety, request that your ballot be mailed to you. You then have the option of mailing it back or dropping it at one of the convenient locations set up for that purpose. You have two options to get your ballot by mail: (1) Request a ballot for the 2020 Elections only — after the pandemic, you can go back to voting in person. (2) Register for the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL) and get your ballots by mail in all future elections. Sixty-seven percent of voters in Coconino County already are registered on PEVL and 79% of Arizonans voted by mail in 2018 — join the crowd! You can do either one of these online here.

Ready to return your By-Mail Ballot? Drop it at any of these official drop boxes throughout the county or take it to the early voting locations noted above or to a polling place on August 4. If you are planning to mail it using USPS, do so before July 29!

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