Vote Yes on Prop 127 to advance clean energy

Proposition 127 is on the ballot in Arizona. The proposition is simple: AZ non-governmental energy sold to consumers will be generated by 50 percent renewable sources by 2030. This cannot possibly be viewed as an onerous goal for our state, which has the high number of sunshine days in the U.S.

I’ve recently seen ads suggesting that passage of Prop 127 will result in higher citizen utility bills, harm law enforcement and generally contribute to a collapse of society in Arizona. The people behind these false stories are those who stand to benefit financially from the status quo. They have no interest in the people of Arizona and are, in a word, lying to the public in order to preserve their bottom lines.

Storage of solar and wind energy is presently feasible, and new methods are being developed daily. The arguments of “what happens at night” or “what if the wind stops blowing” are entirely bogus – in fact maliciously misguided – to anyone with even a passing familiarity of renewable technologies. Conservative arguments against renewable energy have no basis in reality, are predicated on incomplete or deliberately contrived “science”, and only serve to delay necessary action to protect the community of humankind – and all for perceived short-term monetary gains.

I urge everyone to cast your vote in favor of advancing the cause of clean energy. Vote YES on Proposition 127.


Source: Vote Yes on Prop 127 to advance clean energy, Arizona Daily Sun

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