Election Day: November 3, 2020: 6 am to 7 pm

It is too late to mail your early ballot. Return it to an official drop box or voting location.

Drop Boxes Locations

You may return your mailed ballot to any of these locations (for Coconino County voters):

  • Official Drop Box Locations
  • On November 3, before 7 pm, you may return your mailed ballot at any polling location or Vote Center (list below under the heading “Election Day”).

Election Day

  • Polling Place List — vote in person or return mail ballots
  • Vote Centers will be located at the NAU Skydome, Tuba City High School, and Flagstaff Mall (middle entrance next to Wells Fargo — the old Denny’s). All Coconino County Voters may vote in these 3 locations.

ID required for voting in person (Election Day or Emergency)

Official list of acceptable identification — Students and Voters who have moved please pay attention to part #3 “Mix and Match.”

Additional information for ballots received by mail (no need for ID to return these):
  • Return to a dropbox, polling place, or Vote Center by 7 pm on Election Day – don’t stand in line with in-person voters, there is a box inside especially for dropping your ballot
  • Sign the outside of the envelope with your ballot inside. Your signature must match the signature on file with the Elections Office.
  • Any member of your household or a caregiver may return your voted ballot for you

Check the Status of Your Ballot after you return it.

Voter Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Ballot