We Endorse Prop 438 for CCC

At last Saturday’s County Democratic Party Meeting, our Precinct Committee Persons voted unanimously to endorse Prop 438 to support Coconino Community College. The election is May 17 and we urge everyone to vote “Yes” for Prop 438. Prop 438 is a smart and fiscally responsible reset of the property tax rate that will allow our community college to continue to serve our county residents.

The college is critically underfunded and needs more revenue to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Fortunately, there is a way to fix this.

Passage of the ballot measure will reset the college’s primary property tax rate to a level that will still be the lowest in the state but will provide the necessary dependable revenues to sustain the college well into the future.

The new rate will be $.7419 cents per $100 of assessed value.  Under the new rate the college tax for a residential house in Coconino County valued at $400,000 will be $189.33 per year, an increase of about $77.20 per year or $6.40 per month. ~ As Bryan Bates pointed out at the meeting, this is a cup of coffee per month. Something most of us should give up anyway.

Please talk with your friends and neighbors about the importance of passing Prop 438. As Democrats, we believe in education. It’s fundamental to create good citizens and to advance all of our economic interests. Read more about Prop 438 here. And, vote YES on May 17.

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