We’re in a National Security Crisis — What is Congress Going to Do About It?

Editorial boards across the country are running lists of things Congress COULD do if our elected Senators and Congressmen were serious about the national security crisis we face.  Make no mistake, according to Republican and Trump appointee Dan Coats — the nation’s chief intelligence officer, we are facing the greatest threat since 9/11.

“The warning lights are blinking red again,” Mr. Coats said last Friday. “Today, the digital infrastructure that serves this country is literally under attack.”

This isn’t the first warning. Earlier this year, we were warned that our power grid had been hacked. So far, there has been no Congressional investigation of that – much less funding to stop it.

We are four months from a national election — Congress must act to fund our defense.

Time for Republicans to Grow a Spine  — New York Times

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Even the Wall Street Journal calls for Congress to contain the President

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