What You Can Do

Good government takes effort. The foundation of this effort is activism.

Do as much as you can. Some days you’ll be able to do more, some less. Every action you take matters. We have had successes, we will have more. A constant drip of protest can grow into a powerful river that will allow us to sweep the 2018 elections. That is our goal.

  1. You are active by keeping yourself informed of critical issues and legislation.
  2. You are active when you discuss critical issues with like-minded people at meetings and events.
  3. You are active by raising your voice.
    • Call, email, write and visit your elected officials.
    • Speak up in conversation when you hear something that is factually wrong (aka, a lie). Politely point the speaker to sources of information.
  4. You are active when you inform the public.
    • Take part in peaceful demonstrations.
    • Send letters or articles to newspaper editors.
    • Share on social media. Follow @CoconinoDemocrats on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts.

Democrats, progressive Independents, everyone who wants to keep America great can be inspired and motivated to take positive action.

Follow these steps and make a change:

Stay the course: We are in an historic moment and you are participating.  Want some proof? Read: What Calling Congress Achieves, Kathryn Schultz in the The New Yorker or This Is An Uprising, a book by Mark Engler and Paul Engler.