What You Need to Know About Early Voting

Dateline: 10/26 — there was more you may have needed to know before today. Now, we’re down to the essence.

Early in-person voting is encouraged for all who do not have mail-in ballots. This reduces lines on Election Day and makes sure that your voice will be heard even if you are sick on Election Day.

  • Vote early this Saturday — this is the only chance to vote on the weekend. Offices are open from 10-5 at the Flagstaff Mall (next to J.C. Penny’s) and at 110 E. Cherry in downtown Flagstaff and at 78 Main Street in Tuba City (library basement).
  • Vote next Monday through Friday at these locations and times in many locations throughout the County. Early Voting Sites and times
  • The last day to vote Early in Person is Friday, Nov. 2.

If you have a mail ballot, mail it no later than Halloween to make sure it gets there on time. Or, hand deliver your ballot to one of these locations:

  • Before November 6:
    • 110 E. Cherry, Flagstaff — either in the Elections Office during business hours or in the white drop box in the parking lot (it looks like a mailbox only it’s white)
    • 2625 N. King Street, Flagstaff — deposit in the white drop box (looks like a mailbox but it’s white) in the parking lot of the County Health Department
    • County Office in the Flagstaff Mall next to J.C. Penny’s — between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
    • 78 Main Street in Tuba City
  • On Election Day take your mail ballot before 7 p.m. to:
    • Your precinct polling place
    • The Vote Center at the NAU Skydome
    • The Vote Center at the Flagstaff Mall (next to J.C. Penny’s)
    • The Vote Center at Tuba City High School

If you need a ride to the polls during Early Voting or on Election Day, give us a call at 928-421-3439 to schedule a time. Please call at least a day in advance of when you need your ride. Same-day rides cannot be guaranteed. Call or Text us: 928-421-3439. Or fill out this form.

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