What’s Next for Arizona Renters and Landlords?

Yesterday, the Governor extended the eviction moratorium in Arizona. That means, through October 31st, renters will not be forced from their homes.

We are pleased that the Governor has taken this step in securing the housing future of Arizonans during an incredibly uncertain time. Arizona Democratic Legislators have been asking for an extension for weeks and we are happy no one will have to face homelessness at the end of this month. It’s a moment to celebrate the hard work of community and housing advocates across the state.

The Legislature has responsibility to make sure that federal CARES Act funding is appropriately distributed. That includes allocating funding to a crisis contingency fund for individuals who may be out of work due to the pandemic. But the Republican-controlled Legislature adjourned without taking action.

Here’s our current situation: Only 80% of renter assistance programs have been allocated with thousands of applications waiting months for review. The delay of these funds hurts tenants and landlords. As we take care of renters, we must also look to small business landlords and provide mortgage assistance funds. There is currently no such program, yet Arizona could use CARES Act funding to support small business landlords if the Legislature would act.

Finally, improving and expediting the rental application process is an essential need to support both renters and small business landlords—making sure assistance is getting in the hands of those who are unable to pay their bills.

Ask the Governor to take the next step in supporting renters, families, and small business landlords.

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