Where Do We Go from Here?

Four thoughts now that Kavanaugh is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court:

1) We knew we would lose the Supreme Court when we lost the Election in 2016.

2) Susan Collins just lost all claim to be a Pro-Choice Republican.

3) We are discouraged and angry. Acknowledge that and move forward.

4) We are not powerless.

So where do we go from here? Unless you believe in armed conflict — which most of us do not — it means going to the polls and getting others to go to the polls. And, like the Democratic Party or not, we are the ones with an organization in place to get the right people to the polls.

Yes, there are a few independent progressive groups out there with ground games. Generally, they are targeting particular groups — students, environmentalists. All well and good and if that lights your fire, go for it.  And you’re not likely to find the best organizers or data crunchers there.  If you want to make your time most worthwhile, come to canvass with the Democratic Party.  Here’s where you sign up.

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