Why Not Medicare for All?

March 12, 2017, Arizona Daily Sun:

Now that Ryancare has shown itself to be worse for the country than Obamacare, the experts are arguing who the proposed act hurts the most. My suggestion is that Trump adopt Medicare for ALL! He can call it Trumpcare and be a hero.

We would finally have universal healthcare for all, like all the other developed nations of the world. We would save billions of dollars in healthcare costs. It would be easy to implement because the systems are already set up. It just needs to have a fair, progressive scale for payment based on income (if you don’t pay income taxes, you don’t get Medicare!). It would eliminate the insurance lobbies and the pharma lobbies because they would be regulated by the government and costs would be transparent and universal for treatments and medicines, like in Europe. The costs would decrease and the health results would improve for the whole nation.

There is already a resolution in Congress to implement this. It is HR 676. Our congressmen and women need to put aside politics, put aside how much they get paid by lobbyists, and vote to enact HR 676! Medicare for ALL!

Sallie Kladnik

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