Will Republicans nullify Prop 305 before voters can have their say? 

There are still persistent reports that the Legislature will again try to make an end run around the voters and repeal the bill (SB1431) they passed last year, which is scheduled to be voted on by the citizens of this state in November because Save Our Schools gained enough signatures to put it on the ballot for a “citizen veto.” Many of our precinct committee people and volunteers worked hard to get those signatures!

Although one might think a repeal by the legislature would be a “win” for public education, that is not the case because the voters almost certainly will kill the voucher program in the “citizen veto” in November, and then the Legislature is severely hampered in trying to expand it.  If the Legislature repeals it now, however, they can replace it with some other voucher expansion bill, and people would have to gather signatures all over again to put it on the general election ballot for a “citizen veto.”

Call and write our legislators. Tell them to vote “no” on SB1431.

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