Your View: Don’t vilify immigrants

The United States has become a police state in which immigrants have been vilified and blamed for our countries economic woes. No American family originated within the boundaries of the US of A unless you are a Native American. The present ICE policies of hunting down undocumented workers and deporting them is eerily similar to efforts in Germany to purify their race in the 1930’s. Other federal policies that are anti-immigrant include the returning of 60,000 Haitians, who came here after the devastating 2010 earthquake, to their country , decreasing the availability of HB-1 visas, the reversal of the DREAMer policy and the well documented anti-Muslim immigration policy of the Trump administration.

There needs to be a unified bipartisan effort for immigration reform. The blue print was created by the US Senate that a committee of Republicans and Democrats help craft a few years ago. Present immigration policy continues to be piece meal and harmful to those affected. We want to make sure people wishing to enter our country do so legally, that if the law is broken, immigrants are treated humanely and that there is an expectation that our borders are secure. We also need to finally address the issue of those immigrants who have been in our country for years, both Dreamers and others, and how to determine their future status.

The most harmful policy created was Trump’s travel ban. Signaling out Muslim majority countries arbitrarily only stokes the flames of animosity towards our country. It has done nothing to make us safer. Future immigration limitations need to based on facts , not fiction.

Let us not forget the past as we will be doomed to repeat it.



Source: Don’t vilify immigrants

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