Action Alerts

What's Behind these Calls to Action?

Organizations throughout the country are coordinating to resist the reactionary trend brought on by the last election. You can help to make that resistance effective by coordinating the timing of your calls, emails, and postcards with those of other activists. That's why we publish these Action Alerts. We are coordinating with Indivisible Project, Arizona House Democrats, the Arizona Democratic Party, Anne Schneider's Arizona Legislative Alerts, Together We Will Northern Arizona, Democrats of the Red Rocks, Rogan's List, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ACLU, among others. 

These are holding actions and we support and participate in them. To accomplish change, the most important thing you can do is stay informed and persuade everyone who supports progressive change to vote for Democrats in 2018. Make sure your neighbors and everyone you know is registered to vote, signed up for vote-by-mail, and actually votes in November 2018. Don't wait, start now.

Latest Alerts

  • Take Action: Stop the Republican Health Care Bill in Its Tracks

    The Republican’s Senate Bill came out of hiding on June 22 and it’s just as “mean” as the House Bill. Read the details here.  Disabled protesters were dragged from Mitch McConnell’s office immediately after the announcement. The Arizona Democratic Party and Obama for America are calling for a demonstration at Senator Flake’s Phoenix office on […]
  • Red Alert: Protect Our Health Care

    Earlier this week, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared a “red alert” on health care. He said we are not doing enough. The phones are silent in Congress, he said. This allows the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, to keep drafting their revisions to the “mean” House bill (to quote Trump) outside public view. Their […]
  • Action Alert: Demand “Regular Order” on Healthcare Bill

    While DC and the world were distracted by James Comey this week, Republicans in the Senate pushed ahead with their closed-door drafting of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. On Friday, Senator Claire McCaskill reacted during a heated exchange with Senator Hatch in the Senate Finance Committee.  We’re asking you to join Senator McCaskill […]
  • Save Our Schools

     Dear Fellow Democrat, Last session the legislature passed SB1431(the voucher bill) despite being opposed by all legislative Democrats and thousands of voters. This measure will take funding from our classrooms and give it to private schools. A group of statewide, grassroots parents and teachers formed Save Our Schools Arizona to circulate a referendum to put this measure […]
  • Contact Senators re Wall Street Regulation

    One more thing Republicans are trying to sneak under the radar:  Repeal of regulations of big banks and Wall Street. The House passed a bill today (while we’re watching commentary on Comey’s testimony). Now it goes to the Senate. Contact Senator McCain and Senator Flake and tell them “NO” to repealing regulations imposed under D0dd-Frank […]
  • Take Action: Trump’s Budget Cuts to Social Security

    Trump’s just-released budget proposal includes $1.7 trillion in cuts to critical programs, including Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Medicaid.  Workers and small businesses pay for SSDI through regular payroll taxes, and they have done so for decades pursuant to our nation’s social contract to provide critical financial support for disabled workers and their families. SSDI […]
  • Call, Email, Fax: Trump Must Go

    Trump is a danger to the country. He has shown that he has no understanding of important aspects of his job and he is reckless with classified information. Even conservative columnists are calling him a “child” whose brain works like “six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar,” and who should be removed by the exercise […]
  • Save Bears Ear and other National Monuments

    Trump has issued an executive order to have Secretary Zinke review (with the intention of shrinking) National Monuments created in the last 20 years. Bears Ears has a shorter comment period than other monuments, so ACT NOW. Comments may be submitted online at by entering “DOI-2017-0002” in the Search bar and clicking “Search,” or by mail […]
  • Trump/Russia Special Prosecutor

    To have a special prosecutor, Congress must act. Today, John McCain had a Facebook Townhall during which he said, “only after public outcry was a 9/11 select committee established”. People think he may have ben signaling that we need to keep up the pressure. Thus, every day from now until a Special Prosecutor is appointed, […]
  • Urgent Action: Arizona Riot Bill is Back

    When is a rally a riot?  Whenever your opponents want it to be!!  Senate Bill 1142 was killed earlier this year, but has been resurrected and is making its way through the House.  It has already been passed by the Senate.  This bill would make “riot” a part of the organized crime statute and would […]