Action Alerts

What's Behind these Calls to Action?

Organizations throughout the country are coordinating to resist the reactionary trend brought on by the last election. You can help to make that resistance effective by coordinating the timing of your calls, emails, and postcards with those of other activists. That's why we publish these Action Alerts. We are coordinating with Indivisible Project, Arizona House Democrats, the Arizona Democratic Party, Anne Schneider's Arizona Legislative Alerts, Together We Will Northern Arizona, Democrats of the Red Rocks, Rogan's List, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ACLU, among others. 

These are holding actions and we support and participate in them. To accomplish change, the most important thing you can do is stay informed and persuade everyone who supports progressive change to vote for Democrats in 2018. Make sure your neighbors and everyone you know is registered to vote, signed up for vote-by-mail, and actually votes in November 2018. Don't wait, start now.

Latest Alerts

  • Action Alert: Legislature attempting to dismantle the Independent Redistricting Commission

    Your action is needed to prevent the dismantling of the voter created Independent Redistricting Commission. Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 14th at 2 p.m. the Senate Government Committee will hear SCR1034 whose primary sponsor is Senate President Steve Yarbrough. This measure is designed to dismantle the Independent Redistricting Commission, reduce the voice of Independents (the state’s largest voting block), and […]
  • Wild & Crazy Things in the Legislature

    It’s always nuts when the legislature is in session, especially with Sylvia Allen and Bob Thorpe and now term-limited Brenda Barton– unfortunately our legislators in LD 6 — on the loose. Thanks to our friends at Unitarian Universalist and Together We Will for following events closely. Now is the time to take action to support […]
  • Ducey’s Budget Disaster

    Gov. Doug Ducey unveiled a $10.1 billion spending plan funded by projected to be paid for by selling more lottery tickets and hiring back many of the auditors who ensure that people are paying the state what they owe — auditors the governor previously laid off.   According to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, the Governor’s office […]
  • Take Action to Restore CHIP!

    Today marks the 100th day since the far-right Republicans in control of Congress let funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program expire. This program was enacted over 20 years ago with bi-partisan support, including from Utah’s Republican Senator Orin Hatch. Under pressure from the right-wing radicals who have grabbed power in Washington, Senator Hatch and […]
  • Net Neutrality = Open Road (not a toll road)

    On Tuesday, December 12, the Trump-packed Federal Communications Commission is set to repeal Obama-era rules that provide free and equal access to information through the internet. Without these safeguards, companies like Suddenlink, CenturyLink, and Verizon will be able to slow down your internet speed on your favorite channels in order to promote their favorite channels. […]
  • Call for a Clean Dream Act

    While we remain under threat from the tax bill, the FCC’s net neutrality proposal, incursions on our public lands, and so much more, this week Congress’ attention shifts to the government spending bill. The government will shut down this Friday, December 8 unless a “continuing resolution” is passed. Such a resolution allows Congress to extend the current government funding […]
  • Tax Scam Fight Is Not Over | Take Action

    The fight is not over. The Senate bill is different from what passed the House and those differences must be reconciled. Some of what’s different is better in the later bill1 — thanks to pressure from people like you!  So, let’s keep it up. The tax bill goes back to the House today, and the House […]
  • Take Action | Trump Is Vandalizing Our Wild Heritage

    Former Governor and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt implores us to take action to save our precious public lands. Trump is traveling to Utah on Monday, where he will be greeted by protestors in Salt Lake City. Trump will not even visit the monuments he intends to scale back:  Bears Ear and Grand Staircase Escalante. He’s […]
  • Tax Scam Days for Action!

    Coconino Democrats join Indivisible groups around the country to stop the tax bill in the Senate. Our Senators, McCain and Flake, are key to the success we need. In Northern Arizona, we have little opportunity, without hours of travel, to join the sit-ins that will be taking place. But we can flood the phone and […]
  • Call, Write, Fax: It Matters That We Stop the Tax Bill

    Newsweek just named Jeff Flake and John McCain as two of only a small handful of Senators who could kill Trump’s terrible tax bill. These are our Senators and they will listen to YOU more than anyone from any other state. Call, write, and Resistbot (Text 504-09) or fax. Here’s Senator McCain’s email contact form Here’s […]