Action Alerts

What's Behind these Calls to Action?

Organizations throughout the country are coordinating to resist the reactionary trend brought on by the last election. You can help to make that resistance effective by coordinating the timing of your calls, emails, and postcards with those of other activists. That's why we publish these Action Alerts. We are coordinating with Indivisible Project, Arizona House Democrats, the Arizona Democratic Party, Anne Schneider's Arizona Legislative Alerts, Together We Will Northern Arizona, Democrats of the Red Rocks, Rogan's List, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ACLU, among others. 

These are holding actions and we support and participate in them. To accomplish change, the most important thing you can do is stay informed and persuade everyone who supports progressive change to vote for Democrats in 2018. Make sure your neighbors and everyone you know is registered to vote, signed up for vote-by-mail, and actually votes in November 2018. Don't wait, start now.

Latest Alerts

  • Scott Pruitt Is Carrying Out His E.P.A. Agenda in Secret – Demand Congressional Oversight!

    Trump’s EPA head has made it clear that his mission is to dismantle the E.P.A.’s environmental mission. His critics say he is deploying extraordinary secrecy as he does so. Pruitt has resisted Congressional oversight — it’s time we demand he be hauled before Congress to explain himself. Contact Congressman O’Halleran, Senator McCain, Senator Flake. Background: […]
  • Sinclair = Trump News

    In April, Sinclair hired former White House aide Boris Epshteyn, who had organized Trump’s TV surrogates, as an on-air political analyst. Now, the FCC is set to bend the rules to allow Sinclair to buy 42 Tribune-owned TV stations, vastly expanding its audience. Sinclair is known for requiring local stations to broadcast nationally produced conservative […]
  • The Battle for the ACA and Universal Coverage Is Far from Over

    While we celebrate the defeat of repeal and replace last week, we must recognize the battles for affordable, universal coverage are far from over and demand our continued attention and activism. Thank you to all who showed up at the Our Lines on the Line Rally on Saturday! Thank you to our Precinct Committee Person, […]
  • Say “No” to McConnell’s Health Care Vote

    Mitch McConnell is calling a vote tomorrow on whether to proceed with a bill to repeal the ACA. Call and email — yes again. Contact Senator McCain. Contact Senator Flake. Just say “no” to throwing 32 million people off of health insurance.
  • Nationwide Call to Action on Health Care

    The American people sent a clear message to Senate Republicans last month and forced them to delay their vote on the original repeal bill to take away health care from millions. But let’s be clear–this fight is nowhere near over. Democrats need to continue organizing, making calls and knocking on doors to make it loud […]
  • This Week: Make or Break on Healthcare

    There is a lot of Trump/Russian news coming out. Leave that to Special Counsel Mueller and don’t be distracted from calling and emailing about the health care bill. This week is make or break on health care! The right is calling for “Clean Repeal.” Make sure you specify that you are calling and emailing to […]
  • Take Action: Stop the Republican Health Care Bill in Its Tracks

    The Republican’s Senate Bill came out of hiding on June 22 and it’s just as “mean” as the House Bill. Read the details here.  Disabled protesters were dragged from Mitch McConnell’s office immediately after the announcement. The Arizona Democratic Party and Obama for America are calling for a demonstration at Senator Flake’s Phoenix office on […]
  • Red Alert: Protect Our Health Care

    Earlier this week, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared a “red alert” on health care. He said we are not doing enough. The phones are silent in Congress, he said. This allows the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, to keep drafting their revisions to the “mean” House bill (to quote Trump) outside public view. Their […]
  • Action Alert: Demand “Regular Order” on Healthcare Bill

    While DC and the world were distracted by James Comey this week, Republicans in the Senate pushed ahead with their closed-door drafting of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. On Friday, Senator Claire McCaskill reacted during a heated exchange with Senator Hatch in the Senate Finance Committee.  We’re asking you to join Senator McCaskill […]
  • Save Our Schools

     Dear Fellow Democrat, Last session the legislature passed SB1431(the voucher bill) despite being opposed by all legislative Democrats and thousands of voters. This measure will take funding from our classrooms and give it to private schools. A group of statewide, grassroots parents and teachers formed Save Our Schools Arizona to circulate a referendum to put this measure […]