Action Alerts

What's Behind these Calls to Action?

Organizations throughout the country are coordinating to resist reactionary elements in our nation. You can help to make that resistance effective by coordinating the timing of your calls, emails, and postcards with those of other activists. That's why we publish these Action Alerts. We are coordinating with Indivisible Project, Arizona House Democrats, the Arizona Democratic Party, Anne Schneider's Arizona Legislative Alerts, Together We Will Northern Arizona, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Sierra Club, and the ACLU, among others.

These are holding actions and we support and participate in them. To accomplish change, the most important thing you can do is stay informed and persuade everyone who supports progressive change to vote for Democrats in 2020. Make sure your neighbors and everyone you know is registered to vote, signed up for vote-by-mail, and actually votes. Don't wait, start now.

Latest Alerts

  • Fall/Winter Strategy

    We kicked off our Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Strategy at our Monthly Action Meeting on September 14. The goals are to register new Democratic voters and reach out to unaffiliated and infrequent voters during this time. We’ll win in 2020 by registering and motivating new voters. Our County Party leadership is committed to reaching out to every […]
  • Highlights of Mueller Testimony

    Here are the six most significant quotations from former Special Counsel Mueller’s testimony yesterday as compiled by the Washington Post 202: 1) On Russian interference in domestic politics: “They’re doing it as we sit here, and they expect to do it in the next campaign.” Mueller said he wrote the first volume of his report […]
  • LD-6: Statement of Candidate Non-Support

    The Coconino County Democratic Party has a long-standing policy of remaining neutral in contested primary races “absent extraordinary circumstances.” The Executive Committee has found it necessary to invoke that exception in the case of the candidacy of Greg DeCross, who has filed to run for one of the two seats in the LD-6 House race […]
  • Legislative Alerts: The Crucial Week

    We are in week 19 of the current session. The State Budget will be introduced this week.  Word is that Ducey and the Republican leaders have an agreement, but whether the rank and file will fall in line is uncertain. Be sure to call your representatives to insist that education, among other priorities, gets fully […]
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of May 13, 2019

    We are in day 120 of the legislature session – it is nominally supposed to last 100 days.  The delay is due to disagreements over the budget.  Remember to send your ideas on budget priorities to your representatives. SB 1451 – SCR 1023 – HCR 2005 – OPPOSE STRONGLY – These bills & continuing resolutions […]

    SB 1451 – SCR 1023 – HCR 2005 – OPPOSE – These bills & continuing resolutions would make it almost impossible to get ballot initiatives onto the ballot by making the petition process very complex and difficult.  These measures would require 10% of signatures on a citizen’s initiative be collected from every single county in […]
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of May 6

    All the bills listed below could be submitted for floor votes at anytime.  Be prompt with your contacts with our representatives. Education bills appear in a separate list at the end after the general list. The budget is being worked on now in the Legislature.  Contact your representatives and let them know your priorities.  Some […]
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of April 29, 2019

    SB 1188 – OPPOSE – Allows purging of Permanent Early Voting List, taking the “Permanent” out of what voters anticipate in their voter registration.  Would decrease voter participation. SB 1485 – SUPPORT – Puts a cap the School Tuition Credits from Corporations.  These credits take money out of the general fund which supports public schools. […]
  • National Minimum Wage Bill ~ Take Action!

    House Democrats need 11 more votes to pass a $15 federal minimum wage as called for in the 2016 DNC platform. The bill would phase in the increase over 5 years. An alternative bill would allow lower wages in low cost-of-living regions. “Arizona Rep. Tom O’Halleran supports raising the federal minimum wage and he is […]
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of April 22, 2019

    Please contact your legislators regarding these bills. The legislature is behind — which should mean a busy week. And, they have yet to seriously start of the big enchilada — The Budget. Education Bills SB 1485 – SUPPORT – Bill would end the 20% annual automatic growth of corporate private school tax credits by gradually […]