Action Alerts

What's Behind these Calls to Action?

Organizations throughout the country are coordinating to resist reactionary elements in our nation. You can help to make that resistance effective by coordinating the timing of your calls, emails, and postcards with those of other activists. That's why we publish these Action Alerts. We are coordinating with Indivisible Project, Arizona House Democrats, the Arizona Democratic Party, Anne Schneider's Arizona Legislative Alerts, Together We Will Northern Arizona, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Sierra Club, and the ACLU, among others.

In addition, our Legislative Committee monitors bills in the Arizona Legislature and recommends action on specific bills. Watch for the "Legislative Alerts," weekly while the legislature is in session.

These are holding actions and we support and participate in them. To accomplish change, the most important thing you can do is stay informed and persuade everyone who supports progressive change to vote for Democrats in 2020. Make sure your neighbors and everyone you know is registered to vote, signed up for vote-by-mail, and actually votes. Don't wait, start now.

Latest Alerts

  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of February 24, 2020

    Most of these bills are not available for Request to Speak since there are only a few committees meeting this week.  The bills are transitioning from one house to the other this week so most of these are scheduled for floor votes this week.  We recommend that folks e-mail or call the legislators to express […]
  • Urgent Action Alert: Bob Thorpe Dirty Trick

    Bob Thorpe is sneaking his voter suppression bill — aimed at college students but also applying to snowbirds or folks who go north in the summer and military personnel – into the House Technology Committee for a vote tomorrow morning. He couldn’t get it through a committee that has jurisdiction over the subject matter, so […]
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of February 17, 2020

    The Legislature is reeling with nearly 900 bills dropped in the final day to file bills for consideration in this legislative session. Of particular concern this week are voter suppression bills which are set to be heard in committee on Tuesday afternoon. If you can join Progress Now and Arizona Indivisible in Phoenix for that […]
  • Voter Registration Deadline for PPE is February 18

    If you have not registered to vote and are interested in voting in the upcoming March 17, 2020, Presidential Preference Election (PPE), you have until midnight on Tuesday, February 18 to register to vote. The PPE is not a primary election. This means Arizona’s open primary law does not apply to the PPE. Therefore, only […]
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of February 10, 2020

    The Legislature is on high speed in an attempt to adjourn early and get out on the campaign trail. When things go fast, bad things can happen. So please pay attention and lobby regarding for or against these bills. Many are ripe for RTS. HEALTHCARE CHANGE FROM LAST WEEK!!! SB 1397 – OPPOSE – This […]
  • Legislative Alerts – Week of February 3, 2020

    Contact our Coconino County Legislators and use Request to Speak regarding these bills. Our Legislative Committee has reviewed and evaluated to make these recommendations. We also have a new post this week explaining how to use the Request to Speak system. Election Integrity / Voting Rights  SB1020 – OPPOSE – requires ballot measure pamphlets to […]
  • RTS: How to Use the Magic Lobbying Tool

    Our Legislative Committee offers help sessions on Sunday afternoons at the Cornish Pasty. Learn to use the Arizona Request to Speak system to lobby our legislature! (Contact Marie Sansone at (928) 380-7105,  if you have any questions re these tips, or find any errors). RTS = Request to Speak BSI = Bill Status Inquiry For added […]
  • Legislative Alerts for Week of January 27, 2020

    Election Integrity / Voting Rights SB1092 update – As reported last week this bill, sponsored by Michelle Ugenti-Rita, would have required additional early voting ID requirements.  However, it was tabled.  We have heard it was in response to RTS comments.  What we are doing here matters!  But remember, nothing is dead until the Legislature adjourns. […]
  • Legislative Alerts for Week of January 20

    Contact our Coconino County Legislators and use Request to Speak regarding these bills. SB 1035 – SUPPORT – Bill allots $15Million to build a bridge over Tonto Creek – about 1500 people live on one side of the creek and all amenities and first responders live on the other side.  In the past, roads across […]
  • Take Action: NEPA

    The White House’s efforts to amend the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) regulations is one of many significant items that threaten to slip by under the radar. The Council on Environmental Quality, the federal agency responsible for implementing NEPA, is part of the Executive Office of the White House, so these are proposed […]