Be a Precinct Committeeperson!

The most constructive way you can change politics is to become a Precinct Committeeperson (PC) in the Democratic Party.  PCs are the grassroots of the party. They represent the party to the public and PCs elect the party’s leaders.

Right now we are engaged in our #BeAPC Campaign: Get Involved. Commit to 2020 and beyond. Be a PC.  Call our office to arrange a private meeting with one of leaders to learn about becoming a PC. 928-214-0393.

The Three Cs of Being a PC

  • Community:
    • PCs are representatives of their neighborhood in the Democratic Party.  You provide a voice for the concerns and opinions of your neighbors and establish local connections and trust.  
    • PCs are a community sharing ideas, values, and energy working together to bring the Democratic Party’s vision to your neighbors and friends.
  • Commitment:
    • Being a PC means you are committed to taking action towards creating a strong and vibrant party that supports and embraces your vision of good politics.
    • PCs are committed to 2020 and beyond. Working together now, we will get out the vote, strengthen democracy, and elect Democrats who will move this country forward.
  • Change:  
    • PCs advocate from within the Party for the change we want to see.  We seek diversity of opinion and welcome progress.
    • PCs believe the Democratic Party is the best vehicle to improve and change politics and preserve democracy.

How to Become a PC

Under Arizona law, a Precinct Committeeperson can be an elected or appointed position.

PCs are elected every two years as part of the August primary election process.  Candidates must complete an Affidavit for Nomination and collect signatures (never more than 10) from Democrats in their Precinct. For every three Elected PCs, the County Party PCs elect one State Committeeperson to represent Coconino County Democrats at the State Party Meetings.

Appointed PCs are interested Democrats that are recommended by the Coconino County Democratic Party to the County Board of Supervisors, which appoints the individual after verifying voter registration and Precinct residency.

Please note that if you want a voice in the party’s election of officers and the formulation of party policy at any time before October 2022, you must act NOW!

Special Note for 2020

There is a provision in state law that allows write-in candidates to file nominating petitions without gathering signatures and these forms are not due until May 26. In light of the necessity of limiting personal contact during the pandemic, we encourage PC candidates to use this process.

You can download the necessary forms from the County Elections Office website and we’ll be providing information for write-in candidates during our April 11 Action Meeting. You can also contact our Office Manager at 928-214-0393 or write to to ask questions and get the form.

The Work Done by PCs

The fundamental jobs of a Precinct Committeeperson are to carry out the mission of the party to elect Democrats to public offices and to communicate to the Democrats in your precinct the activities of the party and information about its candidates after they have been nominated in the primary election (or before that if they are running unopposed in the primaries).  Working to “Get Out The Vote” can be done in a variety of ways but every PC should be prepared at a minimum to canvass in person or by phone after being oriented and trained by experienced workers.  PCs perform some or all of the following work:

Help Democrats in your precinct vote.

  1. Register Democrats who move into their neighborhoods
  2. Help Democrats on Election Day by making sure they know where their polling place is and that they have a way to get there.
  3. Sign up registered Democrats to the Permanent Early Voting List so they receive their ballots in the mail.
  4. Recruit additional PCs and volunteers.

Attend meetings and events held by the Democratic Party and socialize with like-minded people.

  1. Attend our Monthly organizing meeting, including those that coincide with the Quarterly Business Meetings
  2. Be informed about the issues and represent our party to your friends and neighbors
  3. Help with tabling for voter registration and information at community events.
  4. March in the Independence Day parade.
  5. Enjoy the Roosevelt/Kennedy Dinner and help with other fundraising activities
  6. Participate in our outreach efforts.
  7. Get to know the candidates at our meetings and other events.
  8. Keep an open mind and be the eyes and ears of the Democratic Party.
  9. Elect the officers of the County Party and representatives to the State Committee at the biennial organizational meeting prescribed by law for the January following each General Election.

Support Democratic candidates and Democratic values.

  1. Call/Walk for Candidates
  2. Attend rallies/events for issues that concern you
  3. Write letters to the editor
  4. Host house parties for candidates
  5. Help with fundraising activities

Additional  information

  • Weekly Orientation Meetings at our office
  • Monthly Action Meetings 2nd Saturday of the month at 10 AM-12 PM, at the Murdoch Center
  • Read pages 1-2 of our bylaws