What’s a Precinct Committee person?

Precinct Committee Person can be an elected or appointed position.

Elected PCs complete an Affidavit for Nomination and collect signatures (never more than 10) from Democrats in their Precinct. For every 3 elected PCs we get 1 State Committee Person to represent Coconino County at the State level.

Appointed PCs are interested Democrats that are recommended by the Coconino County Democratic Party to the County Board of Supervisors, which appoints the individual after verifying voter registration and Precinct residency.

We recognize volunteers who wish to assist in work in their precincts as Associate PCs.

The basic job description is as follows:

Help Democrats in your precinct vote.

  1. Register Democrats who move into the neighborhood
  2. Help Democrats on Election Day by making sure they know where their polling place is and that they have a way to get there
  3. Sign up registered Democrats to the Permanent Early Voting List so they receive their ballots in the mail. (They can return their ballots by mail OR they can go to the polls on election day if they prefer)
  4. Recruit additional PCs and volunteer.

Attend meetings and events held by the Democratic Party and socialize with like-minded people.

  1. Attend our Monthly organizing meeting, including those that coincide with the Quarterly Business Meetings
  2. Be informed about the issues and represent our party to your friends and neighbors
  3. Help with tabling for voter registration and information at community events.
  4. March in the Independence Day parade.
  5. Enjoy the Roosevelt/Kennedy Dinner and help with other fundraising activities
  6. Participate in our outreach efforts.
  7. Get to know the candidates at our meetings and other events.
  8. Keep an open mind and be the eyes and ears of the Democratic Party.

Support Democratic candidates and Democratic values.

  1. Call/Walk for Candidates
  2. Attend rallies/events for issues that concern you
  3. Write letters to the editor
  4. Host house parties for candidates
  5. Help with fundraising activities

If you are interested in becoming a PC please fill out the form below or call Headquarters at (928) 214-0393.