The Mission of the County Party is to elect Democrats to public office who embrace the values of the Democratic Party. In order to further this mission, the County Party:

  • Works to increase the number of people registered as Democrats in Coconino County
  • Educates voters and trains members of the County Party
  • Works to Get Out the Vote
  • Recruits, trains, and promotes Democrats as candidates for elected office, supports their campaigns while maintaining neutrality in contested primary elections, and assists them while they hold office
  • Works for and promotes fair elections and access to voting opportunities
  • Conducts other activities to strengthen and promote the aims and objectives of the Democratic Party
  • Raises funds to support the above activities and to advance the mission

By-Laws of the Coconino County Democratic Party

Agenda for the 2022 Election Cycle

We are committed to the continuing growth of a strong grassroots organization that takes action in support of Democratic candidates. We aim to create a grassroots Democratic Party presence throughout Coconino County by educating and engaging our community.

We support the National Democratic Party Platform.

Our county party Platform Committee is currently engaged in the process of preparing a platform for 2022. We expect to publish in June 2021.

* * *