The Mission of the County Party is to elect Democrats to public office who embrace the values of the Democratic Party. In order to further this mission, the County Party:

  • Works to increase the number of people registered as Democrats in Coconino County
  • Educates voters and trains members of the County Party
  • Works to Get Out the Vote
  • Recruits, trains, and promotes Democrats as candidates for elected office, supports their campaigns while maintaining neutrality in contested primary elections, and assists them while they hold office
  • Works for and promotes fair elections and access to voting opportunities
  • Conducts other activities to strengthen and promote the aims and objectives of the Democratic Party
  • Raises funds to support the above activities and to advance the mission

By-Laws of the Coconino County Democratic Party

Agenda for the 2020 Election Cycle

We are committed to the continuing growth of a strong grassroots organization that takes action in support of Democratic candidates. We aim to create a grassroots Democratic Party presence throughout Coconino County by educating and engaging our community.

We support the National Democratic Party Platform as adopted in Philadelphia in July 2016 and further we agree to the following agenda for Arizona and Coconino County for 2019-2020:

1. We will speak out against corruption and other attempts to enrich oligarchs and their cronies at the expense of ordinary Americans.

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  • We will fight to protect Social Security from privatization and from raising the retirement age; instead, we support removing the regressive cap that protects salaries of those making more than $250,000 annually from fair taxation.
  • We will fight to protect Medicare. Specifically, we oppose a voucher system which would enrich insurance companies at the expense of seniors and we support authorizing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.
  • We believe our economy prospers when workers prosper. We support the minimum wage and the 2016 electoral results of the voter initiatives on minimum wage rates.
  • We recognize that history proves when American workers are strong, the economy is stronger, so we will support efforts to restore union membership and strengthen collective-bargaining efforts.
  • We will fight to protect and fund Nutrition Assistance, the WIC Program, Headstart, school lunch programs, and Meals-on-Wheels, which altogether represent less than 5% of the federal budget – a small investment to fulfill a moral duty to assist the less fortunate.
  • We will advocate for fairness in taxation at the national, state, and local levels.
  • 2. We seek to protect ourselves and our children from greater climate change.

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  • We support development of Arizona’s rich resource of solar energy, including research and development of collection and transportation technologies.
  • We oppose uranium mining in Northern Arizona, which threatens to pollute our water supply and endangers our lives as the mineral is transported through our region. We will continue to demand clean-up of polluted Native American lands and waters and of our Northern Arizona forest and park lands.
  • We encourage development of carbon-capture technology and implementation.
  • At the national level, we seek to preserve the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Paris Climate Accord.
  • We seek to expand funding for wildland fire fighting and prevention and for flood mitigation and prevention.
  • 3. We believe in educational opportunities for all as a matter of individual right and as matters of national defense and economic growth.

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  • We will fight for public schools’ classroom funding and for incentives for young people to become teachers and make teaching their careers. We support public schools because only when schools provide transportation, lunch programs, and after-school care is education truly accessible for all. Public schools provide economies of scale while allowing curricula that ensure a fully-educated citizenry. We support science, civics, arts, and technical education in our public schools.
  • We will fight to lower the cost of college education and expand opportunities for other training and higher education in order to equip the next generation in meeting the challenges of changing technologies and economic structure.
  • We will fight further cuts to our Arizona universities’ budgets.
  • 4. We believe every Arizonan should have healthcare.

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  • We will fight to retain and improve the Affordable Care Act, which already has provided insurance to 20 million previously uninsured Americans. Of those 20 million, 410,000 Arizonans gained coverage through the ACA and we will work to preserve their right to affordable healthcare.
  • We will resist any Republican effort to repeal Medicaid expansion in Arizona, which even former Republican Governor Jan Brewer saw was a boon to Arizona’s hospitals and healthcare industry.
  • We support access to contraception as a matter of Liberty and of Public Health.
  • We support the rights of all women, men, transgender, and intersex persons to control their own healthcare and to make choices about reproductive health matters in the privacy of their homes and in consultation with their own choice of healthcare providers.
  • We believe that all healthcare services should be culturally and linguistically appropriate, and that gender identity, immigration status, or fear are never acceptable barriers that impede healthcare access.
  • 5. We will exercise our rights under the First Amendment.

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  • We will praise responsible journalism and call out irresponsible demagoguery.
  • We will stand up for Americans as they peacefully exercise their right to practice a religion or not, without government intervention to favor one citizen’s choice over another.
  • We will exercise our right to assemble and protect the rights of others to peacefully assemble.
  • We will assemble in protest to any irresponsible and destructive acts of the Republican administration, Congress, and the Arizona legislature.
  • 6. We support Public Safety.

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  • We support a living wage and earned pensions for our police, firefighters, and other public safety personnel.
  • We support ethical law enforcement and community-based policing by a non-militarized police force.
  • We support proposed federal legislation to move funding for fighting wildland fires from the general Forest Service budget to the disaster relief program of the Department of Homeland Security.
  • We support common-sense laws to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, felons, and all deemed unfit to handle such responsibility.
  • We support gun registration and background checks for gun purchases in stores, at gun shows, by mail, and over the internet.
  • We believe private property owners and cities and counties should have the right to bar the carrying of guns onto their property without burdensome conditions imposed by state or federal governments.
  • We support the Violence Against Women Act and efforts to fully implement that law in Arizona.
  • We oppose hate crimes and encourage law enforcement and prosecutors to prosecute offenders to the full extent of the law, including referrals to federal agencies as necessary.
  • 7. Liberty is one of America’s most important values.

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  • We oppose corporate involvement in the criminal justice system and, specifically, oppose private prisons and privatization of our parole system.
  • We seek solutions to the racially skewed prison population.
  • At the national level, we seek the appointment of just and fair executioners of the law in the offices Attorney General, Secretary of Homeland Security, the offices of all U.S. Attorneys.
  • In Arizona, we seek the election of fair and just individuals for the offices of Sheriff and Attorney General and the appointment and training of such individuals in our police and other law enforcement agencies.
  • We support legalization of use, and regulation and taxation of sale of marijuana under Arizona law.
  • 8. We support Equal Protection and Equal Opportunity for all.

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  • No person should be denied housing, employment, or public accommodation based on race, religion, national origin, disability, sex, or sexual orientation or identity.
  • Access to public education from preschool through post-graduate training should be made available to everyone at an affordable cost with subsidies as necessary for the needy.
  • We recognize the sovereignty of American Indian Nations and endeavor to strengthen ties with the reservations are part of and adjoin Coconino County for the advancement of mutual social, political, and economic interests.
  • No person in America should go hungry or live without decent shelter. We recognize that these are difficult goals, but we pledge to continue to work to achieve them following the inspiration of and preserving the structures put in place by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson.
  • We will pressure our national leaders to fix our broken immigration system. We will object to and resist efforts at mass deportation, which would disrupt our communities and degrade our economy as well as be a moral abomination. We oppose use of local resources to enforce immoral immigration tactics imposed by the federal government.
  • We believe in equal pay for equal work without regard to gender, race, national origin, or sexual orientation.
  • 9. Voting is fundamental to the preservation of our constitutional democracy. It should not be difficult to register to vote or to exercise the right to vote.

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  • We will oppose efforts to make voting more difficult
  • We will fight to retain Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission
  • We support the right of Arizona citizens to pursue voter initiatives as stated in the Arizona Constitution
  • We support the adoption of the bipartisan National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.
  • We will work to register voters
  • We will work to inform voters
  • We will work to get voters to the polls and to vote by mail using the Early Ballot System
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