Who We Are

The Coconino County Democratic Party is one of the 15 county organizations of the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP). The ADP is an arm of the National Democratic Party. We are governed by Title 16 of the Arizona Revised Statutes and by our by-laws.

Anyone who registers to vote as a Democrat is a member of the Democratic Party. To become active in the governance and work of the Party, please contact us.

Coconino County is part of Congressional District 1.  Arizona Legislative Districts 6 and 7 each include parts of Coconino County. We work with other County Parties which are also part of those jurisdictions to elect candidates of mutual interest. These counties include Yavapai, Navajo and Gila counties for LD 6 and Navajo and Apache counties for LD 7. Our goal is to elect Democratic candidates in all of these jurisdictions, in the cities and towns within them, in all statewide races, and for the Presidency. Until after the primary elections, the party remains neutral among Democratic candidates absent extraordinary circumstances.

Every two years, the County Party’s elected precinct committeepersons vote to elect the Executive Committee of the Party and vote for representatives to the Arizona Democratic Party.  In the December 2020 election, the following persons were elected to serve for the 2021-2022 election cycle:

Laura Carter – Chair

Nancy Branham1st Vice Chair (interim)

Joshua Lavar Butler 2nd Vice Chair (interim)

Bill Wade Treasurer

Laura HuennekeSecretary

We operate through the following committees and regional organizing groups:
Indigenous Voter Committee
Latin American Voter Committee
Precinct Leadership Committee
Volunteer Engagement
Youth Outreach

Region 1 – North Central Flagstaff

Region 2 – East Flagstaff

Region 3 – Southeast Flagstaff

Region 4 – South Flagstaff

Region 5 – West Flagstaff

Region 6 – West and South Rural

Region 7 – Sedona and Munds Park

Region 9 – North Rural

Region 10 – Page

Region 11 – Havasupai

Region 12 – Navajo/Hopi Sovereign Lands

Region 13 – Southside and NAU

We have representation with these regional organizations: LD-6 Working Group, Northeast Arizona Native Democrats

(For Contact info for Regional Captains and Committee Chairs, write to )

State Party Committee Persons:

Sarah Benatar
John Bohan
Nancy Branham
Keith Brekhus
Emma Burns
Joshua Lavar Butler
Patrick Carr
Laura Carter
Gale Daniels
Lorenzo Gomez
Aly Graham
Sue Greaves
Linda Guarino
Donna Hanley
Theresa Hatathlie
Ann Heitland
Patrice Horstman
Charlotte Hosseini
Don Howard
Laura Huenneke
Verlin Joe
Kara Kumon
Jessica Kitterman
Judith Maeda
David McKell
Charlene Nez
Kyle Nitschke
Stephen Nuño-Perez
Stacy Pinkston
Frances Riemer
Cathy Rutherford
Angelica Sanchez
Marie Sansone
Dawn Schackner
Leslie Schulz
Marissa Scionti
Deydrek Scott
Charlie Silver
Aubrey Sonderegger
Nicky Teuful-Shone
Jennifer Turrell
Israel Torres
Patti VanTuyl
William Wade
Marilyn Weissman
Catherine Yost
Harriet Young