Who We Are

The Coconino County Democratic Party is one of the 15 county organizations of the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP). The ADP is an arm of the National Democratic Party. We are governed by Title 16 of the Arizona Revised Statutes and by our by-laws.

Anyone who registers to vote as a Democrat is a member of the Democratic Party. To become active in the governance and work of the Party, please contact us. We are actively recruiting precinct committee persons.

Coconino County is part of Congressional District 1.  Arizona Legislative Districts 6 and 7 each include parts of Coconino County. We work with other County Parties which are also part of those jurisdictions to elect candidates of mutual interest. These counties include Yavapai, Navajo and Gila counties for LD 6 and Navajo and Apache counties for LD 7. Our goal is to elect Democratic candidates in all of these jurisdictions, in the cities and towns within them, in all statewide races, and for the Presidency in 2020. Until after the primary elections, the party remains neutral among Democratic candidates absent extraordinary circumstances.

Every two years, the County Party’s elected precinct committee men and women vote to elect the Executive Committee of the Party and vote for representatives to the Arizona Democratic Party.  In the January 2017 election, the following persons were elected to serve until the next reorganization meeting:

Nathan JonesChairman

Harriet Young1st Vice Chair – Operations

Sallie Kladnik2nd Vice Chair – Fundraising

Cathy Fine Treasurer/PC Coordinator 

Anita Howard – Secretary

The Chair has appointed the following additional members of the Executive Committee:

Doug Ballard – State and National Party Liason

Don Howard PC Coordinator 

Ann Heitland – Communications Chair

Shannah Redmon – Events and Outreach Chair

Phil DudasBudget & Finance Chair

You can read profiles of these leaders here.


The party has over 160 precinct committee persons as of mid-May 2018 — and we continue to grow.

Our Outreach Committee has planned and organized a system to reach out to voters we’ve often had trouble connecting with in the past. Their work began last summer and lays a new and strong foundation for our work into the election. We thank Aubrey Sonderegger, Brandon Lurie, Sallie Kladnik, Greta Murphy, Marj Gillis, Ylandra Wimmer, and Jeanette Proietto in addition to Chair, Shannah Redmon for their hard work over the past months and what they are continuing to do.

The Regional Captain title is also new to our party structure. Our PC Coordinators (profiled above) created this structure to manage the vastly increased number of precinct committee people we have this election cycle. Regional Captains are Christa Sadler, Millit Gray, Mary Landahl, Shannah Redmon, Phil Dudas, Mark Niblack, Aubrey Sonderegger, Nick Bejarano, Greta Murphy, Mike Taylor, and Marilyn Weissman.

The Roosevelt/Kennedy Dinner is the bedrock of our finances. This year’s committee included, in addition to Kathy Deasy, who is profiled above, the following:  Ann Johnson and Sallie Kladnik, Co-Chairs, and Louisa Ballard, Kelsey Blakley, Ann Heitland, Louise Hublitz, Mary Landahl, Mary McKell, Marisa Riggs-Ort, Heidi Robinson, and Phyllis Wolfskill.


State Party Committee Persons:

Doug Ballard (also elected by the State Committee to the Democratic National Committee)
Louisa Ballard
Ann Heitland
Patrick Carr
Patrice Horstman
Anita Howard
Donald Howard
George Hublitz
Louise Hublitz
Nathan Jones
Sallie Kladnik
David McKell
Harriet Young