Voter FAQs

When do I vote in the 2020 Election?


Important Dates for the 2020 General Election 

If you are registered to receive your ballot by mail, ballots will be mailed 27 days prior to the election dates.  Mail your ballot back at least one week before election day, otherwise take it to any polling place or drop box on election day.

Can I register to vote if I’m not a U.S. citizen?

No! Do not attempt to register to vote until you are sworn in at an official naturalization ceremony.

How and where do I register to vote?


If you have an Arizona driver’s license, you can register online here. (You can change the address on your driver’s license at the same time for a $12 fee.)

If your address is not current on your driver’s license, fill out a voter registration form and mail it to the Recorder’s Office: Click here to download one. (Pro tip: Set your printer to “fit to page” so all the info prints.)

If you want to register in person and get assistance from the County Elections Office, go to the Flagstaff Mall (next to Dillard’s) or the Library at 78 Main Street, Tuba City. 

I’m a student. What do I need to know?

Check out our Student Vote page.

I’ve moved. Do I need to change my voter registration?


Yes, you must update your voter registration every time you move.

You can update your registration online or in person at the Coconino County Recorder’s office: 110 E. Cherry Ave., Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Additionally, you can also download and  fill out a voter registration form and mail it to the Recorder’s Office

We also have voter registration forms at our County Party Office in the Old Ice House at 201 E. Birch in Downtown Flagstaff.  By appointment, we can assist you in completing the form if you need it, and submit it to the County Recorder’s Office for you. 928-214-0393.

If I’m registered but I forgot to update my address, can I still vote?

If you were registered in Coconino County and have changed your address within Coconino County, then you can still vote.  You will vote a provisional ballot, and you will need to provide proof of your current residency to the County Elections Office within a few days of the election (you’ll be given instructions when you vote).

How can I receive my ballot in the mail?


The Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) is a way to automatically receive your ballot in the mail for elections.  You can register online to be placed on the PEVL list here. To be placed on PEVL, you can either pick up and fill out a form at the Coconino County Recorder’s office or download one from their website here, print it out and mail it in. The County Elections Office explains it all here.

If you only want to receive your 2020 Ballots by Mail and not be part of the Permanent Early Voting List, sign up here.

I’m an Independent, can I vote in the primary?

Yes, Independents can vote in Arizona primaries. Important Exception: Under current law, Independents cannot vote in the Presidential Preference Election -- see next question.
Important Details for Independents who are registered to vote by mail
All voters who are registered to vote by mail will receive a notice of the upcoming primary. Independents who want to vote by mail in the primary must respond to that notice at least 11 days prior to the primary election by notifying the Elections Office which party’s ballot they want to vote. Alternatively, if they are not registered to vote by mail, they can go to a polling place on the day of the primary and request any party’s ballot.&nbsp; The Elections Office does not mail ballots automatically to Independents because it needs to know which party’s ballot the voter wants </p>

What's the Presidential Preference Election?

The Presidential Preference Election is held in March of Presidential Election Years for the purpose of allowing party members to instruct delegates how to vote at their parties’ conventions the following summer. We urge Independents who are inclined toward Democratic values to change their registrations so that they can vote in this election.

I want to change my registration to become a Democrat. How do I do that?

Great! You can change your registration online here, or go to your local Motor Vehicle Department Office or the County Elections Office at 110 E. Cherry in Flagstaff (easier than MVD). The County also has remote locations on certain days — learn more about remote offices .

What's the difference between a primary and general election?

Primary Elections are the means by which political parties nominate candidates for the next General Election. After the Primary Election, only one candidate from a political party will appear on the General Election ballot for each open position. Independent candidates get onto the General Election ballot by gathering sufficient numbers of signatures on nominating petitions rather than through the primary election process.

Why is my signature on my voter registration important?

If you vote by mail your signature becomes your identification. Your signature from your voter registration form is kept on file at the County Recorder’s office. If it varies significantly from your original signature, your vote may not count. Examples of this include signing with a nickname (i.e. “Beth” instead of “Elizabeth” or utilizing initials instead of your full name). If you have any questions or concerns about your signature, you may call the Coconino County Recorder’s office at 928-679-7860 or 1-800-793-6181 or, simply,  fill out a new voter registration form with an updated signature.

How can I tell what Congressional or Legislative District I live in?

This information is provided on your voter identification card. You can also determine the districts for any address in Arizona at this website.

How can I check my current voter information?

You can check your current voter information through a mobile app at or at this website

I registered to vote but did not receive my voter registration card, what should I do?

Contact the Coconino County Recorder’s office at 928-679-7860 or 1-800-793-6181.

I changed my mind about my vote but I've already filled out my ballot. Is there anything I can do about it?

If you haven’t voted your ballot yet – meaning you haven’t mailed it in, dropped it off at a drop box or run it through the voting machine at a polling place, you’re in luck!  

For a mail-in ballot, if it is more than 11 days before the election, you can call the Elections Office and ask them to mail you a new ballot. 928-679-7860 or 1-800-793-6181.  At any time before the election, you can take your spoiled ballot to the Elections Office and request a replacement.

At polling places, you may request a new ballot from the poll workers.

If you have already cast your vote by mailing it in, dropping it in a drop box or running it through the voting machine, there is no way to change your vote.

Where can I check to see if my mail-in ballot was received?


Can I vote early without registering to get my ballot in the mail?

Yes, early voting in person will be available in several locations on limited days and hours. Here is the information you need for the August 4 2020 Primary Election.

Where is my polling place?

Here’s the list for the Primary Election on August 4.   It’s possible there will be changes before the November Election. 

You can find your polling place by calling the County Elections Office: 928-679-7860 or 1-800-793-6181

Early voting is available until Friday, July 31. Here is a list of Early Voting Sites and Hours. 

I'm going to be out of town for an extended period of time but I still want to vote.

You can request an early ballot by calling the Coconino County Recorder’s office at 928-679-7860 or 1-800-793-6181 or by visiting their website

Where can I find out the status of my provisional or the ballot I mailed in?

You can find out the status of your provisional or absentee ballot using this mobile app or at this website.

I live in Coconino County, but I work in Flagstaff. Why can't I vote in Flagstaff elections?

Political subdivisions are determined by the Federal law and by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission every 10 years following the Census. Voting in the United States has always been determined by residency.

What is the Citizen’s Clean Elections Commission?

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission is a non-partisan commission created by voter referendum that educates voters, and provides campaign funding and enforces campaign finance rules and laws. It also provides a system for candidates to “run clean” by collecting $5 donations and getting matching funds to finance their campaigns.

Clean Elections was founded in 1998 after Arizona voters passed the Citizens Clean Citizen Elections Act (A.R.S. Title 16, Chapter 6, Article 2) to root out corruption and promote confidence in our political process.

They have a good website that teaches the basics on Arizona’s political offices and other Election Information!

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