There are many ways you can help Democrats win. We are not doing traditional door-to-door in-person canvassing or in-person events because of the pandemic — that makes our other volunteer opportunities that much more important. Please fill out the form at the bottom to indicate your preferences — for this election and for the future of the party after the election.

Before November, we need these volunteers:

Phone bankers — you’ll work with staff from the candidates’ campaigns to help people register to vote, to identify likely Democratic voters, and then to get those voters to the polls.

People willing to drop literature at doors (and not knock). If you are interested in this activity, check the canvassing option on the form. We’ll ask you to wear and mask!

People willing to help with the mass mailing programs we have underway — folding and stuffing and placing labels on the mailing pieces. Again, this is done with full pandemic precautions — you will drive by to pick up materials and then return them to our office without coming inside. If you are interested in this, check the “office work” option on the form.

Please fill out this entry form to help us direct your energies.