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These posts provide information about activities of the Coconino County Democratic Party, Democratic candidates, and other newsworthy items related to our mission.

  • Combating the Climate Crisis: The Biden Sanders Unity Platform

    Highlights: “Climate change is a global emergency….Thousands of Americans have died. “Like so many crises facing the United States, the impacts of climate change are not evenly distributed…. “Democrats believe there is a better way. We can and must build a thriving, equitable, andglobally competitive clean energy economy that puts …Read More »
  • Protecting Our Communities: The Biden-Sanders Unity Platform

    From the Biden-Sanders Unity Platform, released today: “Democrats believe we need to overhaul the criminal justice system from top to bottom. Police brutality is a stain on the soul of our nation. It is unacceptable that millions of people in our country have good reason to fear they may lose …Read More »
  • Vote Now! The Primary Election Is Underway! Vote Early + Safely!

    We have a wonderful County Elections Office in Coconino County! Today is the first day you can vote early, in-person for the August 4 Primary Election. Here is a schedule of locations and hours were you can go to vote early. Better yet, for safety, request that your ballot be …Read More »
  • Corruption Reeks in Fed COVID Aid

    UNIMAGINABLE BUT TRUE FOR TRUMP >> Billionaire Kanye West and Jared Kushner’s family got PPP loans intended for small businesses. WORST OF THE WORST >> On top of Kanye and the Kushners, the Trump administration gave PPP money to Grover Norquist, Devin Nunes’ winery, companies owned by billionaire GOP WV …Read More »
  • Barton Lying About Nurses Association Endorsement

    Republican LD-6 House Candidate Brenda Barton has come under fire for misusing the endorsement logo of Arizona Nurses Association PAC on her campaign website. Barton was endorsed by them in 2016, when she last ran, but hasn’t earned their endorsement this time around because of her rejection of science related …Read More »
  • The Country as Pirate Ship

    Editor Note: The New York Times Editorial Board compared the country to a “pirate crew: In recent decades, the owners of the ship have gradually claimed a larger share of booty at the expense of the crew.” I’m not satisfied with the analogy because I believe we’re better than pirates …Read More »
  • Flagstaff Mayoral Forum

    On June 20, the Coconino County Democratic Party hosted a forum featuring the two Democrats in the race for Flagstaff Mayoral. For those who live in the City of Flagstaff, Paul Deasy and Jamie Whelen will be on the Primary Election ballot along with one Republican opponent. The top two …Read More »
  • Primary Ballots Drop July 8! Register Now to Participate!

    Democrats in Coconino County are facing some contested primaries. In Supervisor District 4, Bryan Bates and Judy Begay are vying for the Democratic slot on the General Election Ballot. In Supervisor District 5, Marie B. Acothley is challenging incumbent Lena Fowler For Congressional District 1, your choice is incumbent Tom …Read More »
  • June 27 in Our Dystopian USA

    Heather Cox Richardson (slightly adapted) The Trump administration did not respond until almost 5:00 this evening to last night’s astonishing news that Russian operatives had offered bounties on US soldiers during the Afghanistan peace talks, and that the administration had been briefed on this development back in March and had …Read More »
  • It’s the Economy – and Trump is stupid.

    Trump’s shocking admission that he pushed to slow down coronavirus testing also highlights his fundamental misunderstanding of the economy.  Trump is obsessed with the big numbers that give him simple ways of understanding if he’s winning or losing – like TV ratings, crowd sizes, testing numbers, and the stock market. That’s …Read More »
  • Juneteenth

    On June 19th, 1865, Galveston, Texas erupted in joy when news of emancipation finally arrived more than two years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. That day is known as Juneteenth: the annual and oldest known celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. Juneteenth is a …Read More »
  • Failure of Leadership

    1. TRUMP IS IGNORING THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS AS HIS ACTIONS THREATEN TO MAKE THE OUTBREAK WORSE.  Americans isolated themselves for months to give Trump and his administration time to come up with a plan and prepare the country to defeat the pandemic, but Trump has failed to deliver and largely …Read More »
  • State Legislator Labels BLM Terrorist Group

    Do you want to be represented by a man who falsely calls the Black Lives Matter Movement a terrorist organization? If you live in Legislative District 6, which includes Flagstaff, you are. His name is Walter (“Walt”) Blackman. He lives in Snowflake but thanks to gerrymandering, the largest city in …Read More »
  • How to Balance Arizona’s Budget

    The Arizona Center for Economic Progress is out with a new report on how to address the billion-dollar AZ budget shortfall from the Trump recession and international pandemic. ^ Reverse the 2011 Corporate Tax Rate Cut^ Make Multi-State Corporations Pay Their Fair Share^ Repeal the 2014 Capital Gains Tax Cut …Read More »
  • BLM Protests Make Real Change

    In a short period of time, these demonstrations are already making real change. Below are just some highlights — but check out a more comprehensive list here. (All this from Navigator Research.) 5/26 – 4 officers were fired for murdering George Floyd. 5/28 – The University of Minneapolis canceled their contracts …Read More »
  • Launch of Another Newsletter!

    The first issue of our newsletter for Latinx constituents is arriving in mailboxes now! This is part of our continuing effort to reach out to the large number of Coconino County Democrats who are Latinx. The overall effort includes the LatinX Voter Committee Facebook Page and regular meetings of our Coconino LatinX …Read More »
  • A Snapshot of Our Days of Turmoil: June 4, 2020

    by historian Heather Cox Richardson (see supporting notes at the end) The large picture today is of a president increasingly isolated as protests increase and establishment figures turn against him and the politics he represents. That large picture is made up of many individual moments. Protests continued for a tenth …Read More »
  • Coral Evans: My Thoughts on the Way Forward

    I want to take a moment to acknowledge what’s going on here in Flagstaff and around the country.  I understand the anger and the fear, I am a black mother and my heart breaks for the families of Dion Johnson, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many more.  My twin …Read More »
  • Ducey’s Curfew

    by January Contreras, 2018 Democratic Candidate for AZ Attorney General The Governor has imposed a curfew for the entire State beginning at 8 p.m. today. It will be in place for a week. I share more about this curfew below, please be informed, and do not be caught off guard. …Read More »
  • Ducey’s Wrong-Headed Curfew

    by Kelly Fryer, 2018 Candidate for Governor Let’s be clear: From 2012-2019, local police in Arizona – including Tucson, Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale and Scottsdale – have killed people at a higher rate than the national average ( The victims have been disproportionately black, brown and indigenous. These are the facts. …Read More »
  • Poll Shows Trump’s Deception Not Working

    Americans see Trump as a failure who cares more about his image than the country. 52% describe Trump’s response to this crisis as a failure and 57% say Trump handled this crisis worse than other presidents would have, something even 22% of Republicans agree with. Americans believe Trump is trying …Read More »
  • Sylvia Allen Doubles Down On Opposition to Unemployment Benefits as Arizona’s Jobless Rate Skyrockets to 17%

    Arizona Daily Star: “600,000 unemployment claims filed in Arizona during coronavirus pandemic.” AZCentral: “Majority of Arizonans support increase in state unemployment benefits, Morrison Institute-Republic poll finds.”  Just over 600,000 Arizonans have filed for unemployment since the COVID-19 pandemic, Arizona’s joblessness rate has skyrocketed to 17%. Yet Sen. Sylvia Allen (R-LD6) has opposed increases to …Read More »
  • Flashback Quote of the Day

    “We are not prepared for a pandemic. Trump has rolled back progress President Obama and I made to strengthen global health security. We need leadership that builds public trust, focuses on real threats, and mobilizes the world to stop outbreaks before they reach our shores.” — Joe Biden, on Twitter, October …Read More »
  • Action in the Legislature Last Week and What’s Coming

    The Arizona Legislature suspended the Fifty Fourth Legislature – Second Regular Session on March 23 as a result of the general shutdown caused by the Covid-19 virus.  The Senate returned on May 8 only to vote to end their 2020 session altogether for the year.  The House decided to remain …Read More »
  • Memorial Day 2020

    Memorial Day (previously known as but now seldom called Decoration Day) is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the military personnel who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day to honor and mourn those who died in military …Read More »
  • Postal Service Is Fundamental to Democracy

    Trump  calls the U.S. Postal Service “a joke.” Washington and Jefferson would disagree. Like with most things, this president has his history wrong. Since the founding of our country, the Postal Service has been as serious and as fundamental to our democracy as it gets. A recent New York Times …Read More »
  • Action Alert: Say “No” to SCR 1018

    Update May 19 am: The Committee hearing on this bill was canceled. It is still available for RTS comment and we urge you to register your opposition through RTS or email. **This bill is up in the Arizona House Elections Committee on May 19. Take action now to protect the …Read More »
  • Bad Bills the Arizona House May Come Back to Pass

    The Arizona Legislature recessed in March due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Senate came back on May 8 to adjourn sine die (which means, they really wanted to adjourn for the year), but since the House did not adjourn, then legally the Senate really did not either.  Now, the House …Read More »
  • Allen and Blackman Oppose Federal Help for Arizona

    Coconino County is struggling in the face of plunging tax revenues and COVID-related expenses. The State of Arizona is facing severe revenue decreases due to the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent economic downturn. The Arizona Legislature’s Joint Legislative Budget Committee is projecting a $1.1 billion budget deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, give …Read More »
  • COVID-19 Has A Liberal Bias

    Paul Krugman has been an Opinion columnist since 2000 and is also a Distinguished Professor at the City University of New York Graduate Center. He won the 2008 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his work on international trade and economic geography.  His latest column in the NYTimes is …Read More »
  • Mayor Evans’ Response to Governor’s Latest Executive Order

    Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans issued these remarks at the May 12 City Council Meeting in response to Governor Ducey’s May 12 Executive Order: Governor Ducey’s existing Executive Order preempts Arizona mayors from further taking any actions related to COVID-19, the new order goes even further and expressly prohibits local government …Read More »
  • Helene Babbitt Awarded the Eleanor Roosevelt Award!

    We’re proud to announce the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for 2020 goes to Helene Babbitt. The Eleanor Roosevelt Award is presented annually to members of our community whose work and service to the people of Coconino County embody the ideals of Eleanor Roosevelt.  In her day, Mrs. Roosevelt was told to …Read More »
  • Take Action: Call Gov. Ducey

    Time to call and write the Governor: 602.542.4331 Email Remind him that he said he would follow the science and that you agree! We need at least a 14 day downward trend of cases and deaths before lifting the stay-at-home order. When the order is lifted, reopening should be in …Read More »
  • Coconino County Elections Urges Voters to Request Early Ballots

    The Coconino County Elections Office urges voters to request an early ballot for the upcoming August 4 Primary and November 3 General Elections.  “Our office wants to make sure these two important elections are conducted in the safest manner possible for our voters, poll workers and staff,” stated County Recorder Patty …Read More »
  • Even the GOP Starts to See the Root of the Problem

    Trumps poll numbers have tanked, especially in important swing states. But – as much as he thinks so — the change is not all about him. The economic impacts of the pandemic have demonstrated fundamental flaws in our current system which leaves too many people unable to miss a single …Read More »
  • An Open Letter to the Arizona Legislature

    Today we sent the following letter to all 90 members of the Arizona Legislature, Democrats and Republicans alike. Republicans are in control. They may recess or adjourn at will and they set the agenda for bills to be heard in committees and on the floor. We hope that our legislators …Read More »
  • Take Action for Healthy Elections!

    State: Telephone or email our state legislators to reconvene and protect voters and election workers: Support SB1077, “Countywide Elections; Vote by Mail.”  This bill, introduced by Senator Sean Bowie, has not yet been heard in committee, but could be revived. It would allow counties to conduct a mail ballot election for …Read More »
  • COVID Facts for Coconino County

    Our County Board of Supervisors received important information at a Special Session on Friday, April 24. This information, from County Staff (including the health department epidemiologist) and from Northern Arizona University public health experts, should inform decisions going forward. Importantly, it provides perspective for the public. The full packet of …Read More »
  • False Choice: The Economy or Our Health

    Trump’s rush to end social distancing is dangerous and economic experts warn it threatens the economy in the long run. Economic experts have been clear that it’s a “false choice” between saving the economy and lives, and that trying to “re-open” the country before we get the virus under control …Read More »
  • Notes from the Front

    Historian Amy Cox Richardson write a blog on national affairs. This is her latest post: Although in the early days of his administration Trump dominated news cycles, it is rare these days for him to do so unless there is a single, blockbuster story. There are a lot of players …Read More »
  • Applications Needed for Impact on Redistricting Commission

    The Governor has set the application deadline to fill a recent vacancy on the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments (CACA). CACA plays a large part not only in selecting the supreme and appellate court judges, but also in redistricting. CACA recommends candidates for the Arizona Supreme Court and the Appellate …Read More »
  • Action Alert: State Land Fire Restrictions

    Supervisor Ryan suggested we advocate to the State to close down campfires on state lands. It’s very difficult, if not impossible, for firefighters to take COVID precautions while fighting a fire. As of Wednesday at 5 p.m., the Forest Service has restricted the use of fires on all National Forests …Read More »
  • Action Alert: Local Governments Being Left Out By Congress

    In the latest economic aid package, which cleared the Senate late yesterday, Democrats got a lot of what they asked for. The bill includes improvements to the Paycheck Protection Program, for example, as well as funding for hospitals that Republicans were originally prepared to delay. From a progressive perspective, there’s no denying …Read More »
  • Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement on COVID Emergency Relief Bill

    APRIL 21, 2020 PRESS RELEASE Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer issued this statement after an agreement was reached with the Administration on an interim emergency relief package: “Congressional Democrats are proud to have secured an agreement on an interim emergency funding package that has …Read More »
  • It’s the Economy, and Trump is failing

    Disapproval of Trump’s handling of the economy is on the rise. A month ago, Trump’s net approval on the economy was +10 (53-43%); now, it’s even (48-48%). Approval among independents has also dropped 14 points in the same period. The economic crisis sparked by coronavirus is actually fueled by years …Read More »
  • Most Back Stay-At-Home Orders

    By 32 points (60-28%), Americans are more concerned that social distancing will end too soon than go on too long — the latest indicator that the right-wing protests against stay-at-home orders are widely out-of-step with public opinion. Despite Trump’s messaging, even Republicans oppose the protests 47% to 36%. 76% of …Read More »
  • Action Alert: Tell Ducey To Follow the Science

    Yesterday, a small group of protesters circled the empty Arizona Capitol demanding that Governor Ducey lift his stay-at-home order. These small protests seem not to be spontaneous, grassroots movements but rather something egged-on by Trump re-election operatives, and, of course, by Trump’s own Tweets. Still, these are the Republican base …Read More »
  • Latest on our COVID and Turn AZ Blue Actions

    This is the latest e-newsletter sent to our subscribers on April 18. Dear Coconino Democrats, It’s been a very busy few weeks. Here’s the latest we have to share: We’re past the stage of candidates qualifying for the primary ballot and we have a Democratic field to be proud of.  …Read More »
  • COVID Is Exposing the Underlying Weakness of Our Healthcare System

    Two issues came to our attention this week which demonstrate the need for big, structural changes in our healthcare system. COVID-19 didn’t cause these problems; it merely exposed them. Nursing Shortage First, in our COVID Action Call on Tuesday, we heard from the Chief Medical Officer at Tuba City Regional …Read More »
  • Didn’t File a Tax Return? You Can Still Get a Stimulus Check.

    Thanks to State Senator Jamescita Peshlakai for this write-up: All legal residents of the United States are eligible to get stimulus checks to help with the economic impacts of the coronavirus. If you filed a tax return, collect Social Security, collect SSDI (disability) or collect railroad retirement, a check will …Read More »
  • Who’s on Your Primary Ballot?

    Democratic Candidates Mark Kelly for U.S. Senate, Felicia French for AZ Senate in LD-6, and Coral Evans for AZ House in LD-6 are unopposed in the August primary. Like Joe Biden, these are our “presumptive nominees” and you’ll be seeing more and more about them from us. Each of them …Read More »
  • Action Alert: State Officials – Do Your Job!

    The Arizona Legislature adjourned in March with a plan to return yesterday (April 14). Now there is no definite date of return. Meanwhile, the State is struggling. There is a Rainy Day Fund with over $1 Billion available. So far in this tsunami, the legislature has tapped only $55 million …Read More »
  • Front Line Workers at Risk

    Frontline workers are performing essential duties without the protections or wages they deserve. What comes to mind first are workers in hospitals and first responders; however, the problem extends to grocery store workers, postal workers, repair workers, factory workers crowded into spaces without personal protective equipment, and many others. We’re hearing …Read More »
  • Clowns Will Not Re-Open America

    Not a single economist or public health expert is on the proposed panel. At some point, it will be safe to resume normal economic life. But how will we know? If people don’t trust the White House—whether they’re worried about a lack of expertise, or that they’re focused more on …Read More »
  • How to Donate Your Stimulus Check Locally

    The Coconino County Democratic Party asks our members who can afford it, to donate their $1200 economic impact payment to those in our community who have been severely impacted during this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic. These include the homeless, the unemployed, the undocumented and the poorest residents of our community. …Read More »
  • Saturday Spotlight: Trump’s corruption is making this crisis worse

    This week, as we saw our highest number of deaths yet in the U.S., Trump showed he is more focused on himself and his own personal interests than those of the country.  Trump is dealing out ventilators to political allies, instead of making decisions based on need and guided by …Read More »
  • Push Back! Messaging This Week.

    Trump’s gaslighting is dangerous. We need to push back with timely messaging, so stay tuned to what fits with the news. Yet, remember, to paraphrase James Carville from the 1992 campaign, “It’s healthcare, stupid.” This year, healthcare may be tied closely to his original message, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Trump’s …Read More »
  • COVID Newsletter/Calls to Action

    As we head into the peak weeks of COVID-19 affecting our community, we acknowledge our friends, relatives, and community members who are struggling with this disease, and some who are mourning the deaths of loved ones. Our hearts and thoughts are with you and please reach out if you need help. …Read More »
  • The Most Successful RK Ever!

    Thank you to our supporters! In the face of a pandemic, you made our 20th Annual Roosevelt-Kennedy Fundraiser the most successful ever. Thank you to our hard-working donations and program committee members, who did an amazing pivot to make our dinner into a virtual cocktail party and our auction a …Read More »
  • Good News: AZ Turning Blue

    Arizona has seen a dramatic population increase since 2018, and demographic shifts have put the Democrats within striking distance of the GOP. Before the 2018 primary, the Republican Party held 34.3 percent of registered voters to the Democratic Party’s 28.9 percent. Unaffiliated voters (aka “Independents”) controlled the largest share of the 2018 electorate with 36.8 …Read More »
  • What’s Happening in Wisconsin Shouldn’t Happen Here

    An election that forces voters to choose between protecting their health and casting a ballot is not a free and fair election. In a pandemic, our federal government and the state legislature have the obligation to appropriate funds to pay election workers to replace volunteers, to create a safe environment …Read More »
  • Action Alert: Get the Legislature Back to Work!

    Call the Officials Listed below: “My name is __________ I live in ____________, zip code _________.  I’m calling to urge that the Legislature be called back into session ASAP.  They, and they alone, can deal with a number of critical issues that need to be addressed in the midst of …Read More »
  • Trump and COVID-19

    (Impeachment is mentioned only because he claims it’s relevant.) Dec 18th – House Impeaches Trump Jan 8th – First CDC warning Jan 9th – Trump campaign rally Jan 14th – Trump campaign rally Jan 16h – House sends impeachment articles to Senate Jan 18th – Trump golfs Jan 19th – …Read More »
  • Action Alert: All Mail Election

    Update: April 8: All 15 Arizona County Recorders have called on the Legislature to allow them to mail ballots to all registered voters for the 2020 Primary and General Election. We join Maricopa County Democratic Party Chair Steve Slugocki in this Call to Action: During this difficult period, the government’s …Read More »
  • COVID Action and News

    In this pandemic, there are daily changes and much to advocate for. Please take time to take actions mentioned and consider donating or volunteering with these organizations. If you have additions or corrections, please email  National Advocacy Call the White House 202-456-1111 Demand our federal government to implement the National …Read More »
  • Action Alert: April 3, 2020

    TODAY:  Call and email our legislators. Tell them to return to session to address the COVID-19 crisis. Two specific things they can do: Allocate money from the Rainy Day Fund. So far, they have only appropriated $50 million(with an M) for COVID relief. The State Government has $1 billion (with …Read More »
  • Take Action: April 2

    There is much to advocate for and we’ve been posting a lot of suggestions for action on our Facebook page. We’re going to try to break down some specific Calls to Action by day so as not to overwhelm you with requests. Ask Governor Ducey to Send Funds for Shelter …Read More »
  • Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act

    The “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act” is Nancy Pelosi’s response to the disastrous proposal from the Senate (“disastrous” because of the slush fund; disastrous because it can’t pass). Increases the amount of money being offered to individuals to $1,500, and up to $7,500 for a family of five. The same …Read More »
  • AZ House Democrats Statement on Passing Bi-Partisan COVID-19 Crisis Budget

    House Democrats were ready to pass this compromise “skinny” budget last Thursday but Republicans adjourned for a three-day weekend in the middle of this public health crisis. This pared-down state budget that includes a bi-partisan deal for $50 million to aid Arizonans with rental and foreclosure assistance, homeless services and …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts: Environmental Actions for the Week

    Contact our state legislators and oppose HB 2084.  This bill, which exempts property owners from obtaining building permits to construct a border wall, is ready for a final vote in the Arizona Senate. FIND OUT HOW THE STATE IS RESPONDING TO THE NEW CLEAN WATER ACT WOTUS RULE: Sign up for …Read More »
  • Legislative Alert – Coronavirus Emergency

    ACTION: Contact our House representatives (and the House Speaker, Bowers) and demand they pass a real relief package that helps those in actual need.  Calling once per day may not be enough – try calling several times each day until they act. Thank our LD-7 Legislators for supporting good bills. …Read More »
  • Action Alert: Senate COVID-19 Relief Bill

    The current proposal by Republicans in the Senate and Secretary Mnuchin for the COVID19 Emergency Bill includes: No Requirement that companies receiving aid maintain payroll or benefits No requirement to reduce executive pay Limited restrictions on stock buybacks (that Mnuchin can waive) No oversight What the proposal does NOT include: …Read More »
  • Why I Volunteer!

    By Mardi Devolites For months after the 2016 Presidential Election, I could not bear to watch the news. The 2018 Midterm Election finally did create some hope, so in April 2019 when I received an invitation to a Region 9 meeting of Precinct Committee people and volunteers, I decided to …Read More »
  • Action Alert: All Mail Election

    Arizona was the only presidential primary state to show an increase in voter turnout from 2016. Surely, the fact that more than half of our voters receive their ballots by mail played a role in that. Given the current environment around COVID-19, holding in-person elections appears problematic.  Let’s make sure our …Read More »
  • The Families First Coronavirus Response Act passed today.

    The Families First Coronavirus Response Act has passed, and it’s on it’s way to Trump’s desk for signature. Last Friday after midnight, when the House passed the bill, this looked like a big deal. In the racing tragedy that is the coronavirus epidemic, this legislation now seems relatively small. The …Read More »
  • Election Tomorrow! Here’s What You Need to Know.

    Who is eligible to vote:  Only Registered Democrats.  Independents, Libertarians, Republicans and unaffiliated voters are not eligible to vote in the PPE. Deadline to return voted early ballot:  March 17, 7:00 pm Locations to drop off voted early ballots:  Coconino County General Services Building, 110 E Cherry Ave, Flagstaff.  There will be drive up/ballot drop …Read More »
  • Legislative Alert ~ Week of March 16, 2020

    Contact our Legislators Directly or Use RTS to Express Your Position on These Bills! Please watch for alerts related to the budget throughout the week. EDUCATION SB1357 – OPPOSE – would require all books, instructional aides, mandatory and optional reading materials to be pre-approved the year before school starts, before teachers …Read More »
  • Emergency Early Voting Extended

    From the Coconino County Elections Office, 3/14/2020: Coconino County voters that may have health concerns or worry about the coronavirus can participate in emergency early voting on Monday, March 16. Because of heightened health concerns about the spread of the coronavirus County Recorder Patty Hansen asked the Board of Supervisors …Read More »
  • COVID-19 Impact

    Our primary concern regarding the coronavirus pandemic is the health and safety of our volunteers, precinct committee persons, employees, and interns. We are considering advice from the Coconino County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We are coordinating activities with campaigns, the Arizona Democratic Party, and the …Read More »
  • Yáadiláh Vote!

    The first issue of our newsletter to Navajo constituents is arriving in mailboxes now. This is part of our continuing effort to reach out to the large number of Coconino County Democrats who are Navajo. The overall effort includes the Tuba City Democrats Facebook Page and regular meetings of our …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of March 8, 2020

    These bills pending in the Arizona Legislature deserve your action. Get on the AZ Legislature website and RTS, call, and email. Contact info for our Coconino County representatives is below. EDUCATION SB 1061 – OPPOSE – Mandates a Parental Bill of Rights – puts these “rights” into statute and increases …Read More »
  • Little America Offers Discount for Roosevelt-Kennedy Weekend

    Our 20th Annual Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner is our largest fundraising effort of the year. It’s going to be amazing this year. We’ve got inspiring speakers and gorgeous auction items. Get your tickets for the event now! Our event hotel, Little America Flagstaff, is offering a special discounted rate for guests attending …Read More »
  • Deadlines for PPE Early Ballots

    The Coconino County Elections Office wants to remind early voters that voted early ballots must be received no later than 7:00 pm on Election Day, March 17.  Early voters should put their voted early ballot in the mail no later than Wednesday, March 11 to ensure that the ballot is …Read More »
  • Want to Shape the Democratic Party of the Future? Now’s the Time to Take Action.

    Don’t like how the Democratic Party works? Or do you just want to be of service? Either way, the way to make change and help Democrats get elected is to join the County Party Committee by becoming a precinct committeeperson. If you act now, your term as an official precinct …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of March 1, 2020

    There are actually more new bills this week than last, & the majority of them are not good. Get on the AZ Legislature website and RTS, call, and email. Contact info for our Coconino County representatives is below. GOVERNANCE/VOTING RIGHTS HB 2054 – OPPOSE – Creates a partisan gubernatorially-appointed commission empowered …Read More »
  • How Does the Presidential Preference Election Work?

    On March 17, registered Democrats will go to the polls to indicate their preference for the Democratic Presidential Nominee (or, if they receive ballots by mail, the ballots must be returned to an elections office by 7 pm on March 17). Early voting is now underway — we’ve published information …Read More »
  • Now’s the Time to Be Passionate

    Now’s the time to be passionate about your favorite candidate for president. Get out there and work your heart out to give them Arizona’s delegates on March 17. After that, aim that passion at the orange ball in the White House. Any of our candidates can beat him — and …Read More »
  • Chief Health Officer Fumbles

    In an exchange yesterday between Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) and acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf (another acting secretary, rather than a permanent one), at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing, Wolf got the statistics for the death rates of coronavirus and influenza wrong (it appears to be around 2% for …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of February 24, 2020

    Most of these bills are not available for Request to Speak since there are only a few committees meeting this week.  The bills are transitioning from one house to the other this week so most of these are scheduled for floor votes this week.  We recommend that folks e-mail or …Read More »
  • Early Voting Underway for Presidential Preference Election

    The Coconino County Elections Office has mailed 23,670 early ballots to Democratic voters who are on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL). Early voting in person is now also underway. The Election Day is March 17 and all ballots must be returned to elections offices by the close of business that …Read More »
  • RTS Victory!

    Bob Thorpe withdrew his voter suppression bill thanks to quick action by many concerned citizens. Thanks for responding to yesterday’s Call to Action. Here’s what the RTS report looked like after your good work. And, many of you called and used Resistbot!Read More »
  • Urgent Action Alert: Bob Thorpe Dirty Trick

    Bob Thorpe is sneaking his voter suppression bill — aimed at college students but also applying to snowbirds or folks who go north in the summer and military personnel – into the House Technology Committee for a vote tomorrow morning. He couldn’t get it through a committee that has jurisdiction …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of February 17, 2020

    The Legislature is reeling with nearly 900 bills dropped in the final day to file bills for consideration in this legislative session. Of particular concern this week are voter suppression bills which are set to be heard in committee on Tuesday afternoon. If you can join Progress Now and Arizona …Read More »
  • Voter Registration Deadline for PPE is February 18

    If you have not registered to vote and are interested in voting in the upcoming March 17, 2020, Presidential Preference Election (PPE), you have until midnight on Tuesday, February 18 to register to vote. The PPE is not a primary election. This means Arizona’s open primary law does not apply …Read More »
  • Speakers for RK Dinner!

    The Coconino County Democratic Party is honored and excited to announce the speakers for our 20th Annual Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner. Our keynote speaker is The Honorable Charlene Fernandez, Arizona House Minority Leader. This highlights our determination to “Flip LD-6” and turn the Arizona Legislature Blue in 2020. In addition, both Democratic …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of February 10, 2020

    The Legislature is on high speed in an attempt to adjourn early and get out on the campaign trail. When things go fast, bad things can happen. So please pay attention and lobby regarding for or against these bills. Many are ripe for RTS. HEALTHCARE CHANGE FROM LAST WEEK!!! SB …Read More »
  • County Recorder Opens Elections Office at Flagstaff Mall

    The Coconino County Recorder has opened a temporary elections office at the Flagstaff Mall.  The office will be open through the November 3, 2020 General Election.  The office is located next to the Dillard’s department store.  The Mall office hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  The …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts – Week of February 3, 2020

    Contact our Coconino County Legislators and use Request to Speak regarding these bills. Our Legislative Committee has reviewed and evaluated to make these recommendations. We also have a new post this week explaining how to use the Request to Speak system. Election Integrity / Voting Rights  SB1020 – OPPOSE – …Read More »
  • The DNC Will NOT Change the Rules on Superdelegates

    A Politico article has whipped up a storm of outrage on social media in the last few days. Here’s a perfect example of social media run amuck. The problem was the misleading headline, “DNC members discuss rule changes to stop Sanders at convention.” Almost nothing could be more inflammatory with …Read More »
  • RTS: How to Use the Magic Lobbying Tool

    Our Legislative Committee offers help sessions on Sunday afternoons at the Cornish Pasty. Learn to use the Arizona Request to Speak system to lobby our legislature! (Contact Marie Sansone at (928) 380-7105,  if you have any questions re these tips, or find any errors). RTS = Request to Speak BSI = …Read More »