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These posts provide information about activities of the Coconino County Democratic Party, Democratic candidates, and other newsworthy items related to our mission. Also, consult our Action Alerts for news of current activity in the nation and state, recent issues of our e-Newsletter, and Talking Points for articles with more in-depth analysis of issues.

  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of February 24, 2020

    Most of these bills are not available for Request to Speak since there are only a few committees meeting this week.  The bills are transitioning from one house to the other this week so most of these are scheduled for floor votes this week.  We recommend that folks e-mail or …Read More »
  • Early Voting Underway for Presidential Preference Election

    The Coconino County Elections Office has mailed 23,670 early ballots to Democratic voters who are on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL). Early voting in person is now also underway. The Election Day is March 17 and all ballots must be returned to elections offices by the close of business that …Read More »
  • RTS Victory!

    Bob Thorpe withdrew his voter suppression bill thanks to quick action by many concerned citizens. Thanks for responding to yesterday’s Call to Action. Here’s what the RTS report looked like after your good work. And, many of you called and used Resistbot!Read More »
  • Urgent Action Alert: Bob Thorpe Dirty Trick

    Bob Thorpe is sneaking his voter suppression bill — aimed at college students but also applying to snowbirds or folks who go north in the summer and military personnel – into the House Technology Committee for a vote tomorrow morning. He couldn’t get it through a committee that has jurisdiction …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of February 17, 2020

    The Legislature is reeling with nearly 900 bills dropped in the final day to file bills for consideration in this legislative session. Of particular concern this week are voter suppression bills which are set to be heard in committee on Tuesday afternoon. If you can join Progress Now and Arizona …Read More »
  • Voter Registration Deadline for PPE is February 18

    If you have not registered to vote and are interested in voting in the upcoming March 17, 2020, Presidential Preference Election (PPE), you have until midnight on Tuesday, February 18 to register to vote. The PPE is not a primary election. This means Arizona’s open primary law does not apply …Read More »
  • Speakers for RK Dinner!

    The Coconino County Democratic Party is honored and excited to announce the speakers for our 20th Annual Roosevelt-Kennedy Dinner. Our keynote speaker is The Honorable Charlene Fernandez, Arizona House Minority Leader. This highlights our determination to “Flip LD-6” and turn the Arizona Legislature Blue in 2020. In addition, both Democratic …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of February 10, 2020

    The Legislature is on high speed in an attempt to adjourn early and get out on the campaign trail. When things go fast, bad things can happen. So please pay attention and lobby regarding for or against these bills. Many are ripe for RTS. HEALTHCARE CHANGE FROM LAST WEEK!!! SB …Read More »
  • County Recorder Opens Elections Office at Flagstaff Mall

    The Coconino County Recorder has opened a temporary elections office at the Flagstaff Mall.  The office will be open through the November 3, 2020 General Election.  The office is located next to the Dillard’s department store.  The Mall office hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  The …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts – Week of February 3, 2020

    Contact our Coconino County Legislators and use Request to Speak regarding these bills. Our Legislative Committee has reviewed and evaluated to make these recommendations. We also have a new post this week explaining how to use the Request to Speak system. Election Integrity / Voting Rights  SB1020 – OPPOSE – …Read More »
  • The DNC Will NOT Change the Rules on Superdelegates

    A Politico article has whipped up a storm of outrage on social media in the last few days. Here’s a perfect example of social media run amuck. The problem was the misleading headline, “DNC members discuss rule changes to stop Sanders at convention.” Almost nothing could be more inflammatory with …Read More »
  • RTS: How to Use the Magic Lobbying Tool

    Our Legislative Committee offers help sessions on Sunday afternoons at the Cornish Pasty. Learn to use the Arizona Request to Speak system to lobby our legislature! (Contact Marie Sansone at (928) 380-7105,  if you have any questions re these tips, or find any errors). RTS = Request to Speak BSI = …Read More »
  • Coconino Report on State Committee Meeting

    by Shannah Redmon, Chair Coconino County Democratic Party Your intrepid state committee members, Phil Dudas, Frank Brahnam, Matt Capalby, Pat Carr, Cathy Rutherford, and Mary Landahl made the trip to Yuma, Arizona to attend the January 25th Arizona Democratic Party State Committee meeting, carrying our Coconino proxies.  Fellow travelers (not State …Read More »
  • Court Strikes Down Voter Suppression Laws/Hobbs Opposes Appeal

    This week the U.S. Court of Appeals struck down two Arizona voter suppression laws on the ground that they violate the Voting Rights Act by discriminating against Hispanics and Native Americans. The 2016 law prohibited anyone other than family members and caretakers from delivering a voter’s mail-in ballot. Ballot harvesting, …Read More »
  • Sharp Contrast in LD-6 on Education Funding

    The sharp contrast among LD-6 candidates was evident in their reactions to Ducey’s education budget: Republican incumbents Sylvia Allen, Walt Blackman, Brenda Barton refuse to talk with the press. Mayor Carol Evans — running for an open House seat — called the increases “a drop in the bucket,” that doesn’t …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts for Week of January 27, 2020

    Election Integrity / Voting Rights SB1092 update – As reported last week this bill, sponsored by Michelle Ugenti-Rita, would have required additional early voting ID requirements.  However, it was tabled.  We have heard it was in response to RTS comments.  What we are doing here matters!  But remember, nothing is …Read More »
  • Update: Navajos, Apaches Working to Turn AZ Blue

    The Navajo County Chair, Eric Kramer, came up with a wonderful idea for fundraising a few months ago: He wrote about how to win Arizona by increasing turnout on the Navajo Nation. His article in the Daily Kos exploded the coffers of the Navajo County Democratic Party, which has been …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts for Week of January 20

    Contact our Coconino County Legislators and use Request to Speak regarding these bills. SB 1035 – SUPPORT – Bill allots $15Million to build a bridge over Tonto Creek – about 1500 people live on one side of the creek and all amenities and first responders live on the other side.  …Read More »
  • Take Action: NEPA

    The White House’s efforts to amend the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) regulations is one of many significant items that threaten to slip by under the radar. The Council on Environmental Quality, the federal agency responsible for implementing NEPA, is part of the Executive Office of the White …Read More »
  • Take Action: Oppose Senator Allen’s Sex Ed Bill

    Are you ready for Request to Speak? Well, it’s ready for you! And we have a great bill to start with: Senator Sylvia Allen (R-LD 6) has introduced SB 1082, which would prohibit any sex education before 7th grade, strips the word homosexuality, and mandates a focus on abstinence. Instead …Read More »
  • Another Day in Gaslit Nation

    Reposted from “Letters from an American,” historian Heather Cox Richardson This entire day felt like an exercise in gas lighting. From this morning’s statement by the president to the announcement tonight that Vice President Mike Pence has indefinitely postponed a Monday speech on Iran policy, we seem to be operating …Read More »
  • Facts You Need to Know As We Move to the Senate Trial

    Compelled by our duty to Constitution and country, the House impeached President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Senate must now do its duty and conduct a fair trial. These are the key facts you need to remember about Trump's misconduct: — Adam Schiff …Read More »
  • Let’s Get to Work

    Author: Heather Cox Richardson, Historian Published on her blog. Emphasis added here. 2020 will be the year that determines whether or not American democracy survives. Our system has never lived up to its fullest potential, but until recently, its aspirations have driven us to fight to perfect it, guaranteeing everyone …Read More »
  • Tax Cut “Nothing Burger”

    Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune Decades from now, many Americans will have to consult history books to gain an appreciation of the lowest point of Donald Trump’s presidency: His impeachment. But they will be able to feel the effects of his highest point: the 2017 tax bill, which he signed into law two …Read More »
  • Schumer Request for Fair Trial Denied

    This past weekend, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sent this letter to Majority Leader McConnell (click to read full letter): This morning, McConnell rejected the call for the four key witnesses. Over the weekend, he admitted to coordinating with the White House on trial planning, saying he’s  “taking my cues” …Read More »
  • Judiciary Committee: Grounds for Impeachment

    The U.S. House Judiciary Committee issued this 658-page report laying out the grounds for impeachment of the President.Read More »
  • 2020 Election and Voter Guide

    The Coconino County Recorder’s office has mailed a 2020 Elections & Voter Guide to all registered voters in the county.  The guide contains important voting information about upcoming elections that will be held next year.  2020 is going to be a very busy election year with three countywide elections.  The …Read More »
  • The Articles and the Evidence

    Today, the House Judiciary Committee issued two Articles of Impeachment. In announcing them, Chairman Nadler said this: “Over the last several months, the investigative committees of the House have been engaged in an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s efforts to solicit foreign interference in the 2020 elections—efforts that compromised …Read More »
  • USMCA?

    Republicans are bashing House Democrats for not approving the Trump-negotiated replacement for NAFTA known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Here are the facts: USMCA as drafted last year left US workers exposed to losing their jobs to Mexico, included unacceptable provisions to lock in high prescription drug prices, fell …Read More »
  • Thank You, Navajo Nation

    Thank you, Chair Shannah Redmon for representing the Coconino County Democratic Party at this meeting in Window Rock. Twenty-percent of the Navajo population resides in Coconino County and is very important to us. Our Chair and team had a wonderful time with the Navajo Nation this past weekend. Arizona Democrats …Read More »
  • “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You, But What You Can Do for Your Country.”

    On the 56th anniversary of President Kennedy’s death, we are in an equally somber moment in American history; so, it seems appropriate to recall these words from his Inaugural Address.  And, what can we do?  1) We can tell our leaders to speak out on our behalf. That’s a quick …Read More »
  • Tax Scam – New Evidence

    We’ve written before how the benefits of Trump’s 2017 tax cut flowed mostly to the rich. Now we have some new numbers and one startling example. “In the 2017 fiscal year, FedEx owed more than $1.5 billion in taxes. The next year, it owed nothing. What changed was the Trump administration’s …Read More »
  • Former Republicans…

  • We Need Better Education Leadership

    We’re frankly embarrassed. Our State Senator is Republican Sylvia Allen. She’s head of the Senate Education Committee. We need to change that. We can by electing a Democratic in November 2020. Currently, there is one Democrat running for the seat — Felicia French. Why are we writing this now? Because …Read More »
  • Blueprint for the Public Hearings

    by Ann Heitland It’s impossible to overstate the significance of the impeachment hearing which will begin tomorrow. One signal is that all major networks have canceled their regular programming to televise the hearings, beginning at 8 a.m. Arizona time, Wednesday. For the Nixon impeachment, the networks rotated coverage so that …Read More »
  • A Year from Tomorrow…

    One year from tomorrow, you’ll wake up and the Election will be over. What you wake up to then will be determined by what happens now, and for the next year. Make the choice. Spend this time so you won’t regret what you didn’t do. In Arizona, this year has …Read More »
  • The next phase of impeachment

    There is still a lot of fact-gathering to do. Anyone familiar with trial work knows that depositions and document review take time and the work is tedious – not something suitable for public hearings. That work will continue but tomorrow the House will vote on a resolution that will layout …Read More »
  • “Unbelievable” Economic Claims Are Indeed.

    We need to be well-versed in the realities of our economy as we move into the 2020 Election. Trump and other Republicans will be distorting reality and claiming credit for a thriving economy. Thanks to a recent Washington Post Finance column, here are some facts to keep in mind. Median …Read More »
  • Trust the Woman!

    We aren’t endorsing any of the Democrats running for President because the job of picking the party nominee lies on the shoulders of voters in primaries and caucus-goers; however, when one of the candidates so clearly articulates one of the party’s values as Pete Buttigieg did on a Fox News …Read More »
  • What Do You Mean “Wealthy?”

    It’s not just Democrats who talk about income inequality, at least some of the wealthiest Americans are worried about it, too. That’s because they are smart enough to know that the path we are on is a serious threat. According to an article in MarketWatch, when hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio asked …Read More »
  • China Trade Deal?

    We’ve been saying ever since Trump trumpeted his new “deal” with China last week that nobody gets credit for partially fixing a problem they created themselves. Well, it turns out that it’s worse than that. Here’s the upshot from the Washington Post Finance people this morning: “[N]ews this morning that …Read More »
  • Building the Wave

    Our Monthly Action Meeting on Saturday, October 5, challenged our PCs to put to work the training we’ve received over the last few months. Each region broke into groups and began to make plans specific for their regions which will implement our overall Strategic Plan for the time leading up …Read More »
  • Educational Priorities for LD-6 Candidate Evans

    I have always said that an institution’s budget reflects our values…. Together, we can build the Arizona we want. Coral Evans Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans published a column this week in Flagstaff Business News which lays out her priorities for Arizona Education. Mayor Evans is the Democratic candidate for the …Read More »
  • Crime and Coverup

    When we made our call for impeachment on September 25, we knew about a single crime. Only the next day did the Whistleblower expose the coverup to that crime — and potentially others. Trump’s defenders are relentlessly attacking the Whistleblower. That’s distraction. They are also misrepresenting the evidence of the …Read More »
  • Fear: The greatest Republican weapon

    Republican Senator Sylvia Allen is ramping up her campaign for re-election by scaring parents about sex education. Other Republicans (in addition to Allen) rage about the terrors of socialism. Trump uses rhetoric to hype up several categories of visceral but remote threats, including MS-13 gang members and Islamic State jihadis. …Read More »
  • Call for Impeachment

    September 25, 2019 The Coconino County Democratic Party supports impeachment proceedings against President Donald J. Trump. The Constitution of the United States of America gives the House of Representatives the sole power to impeach. (Article I, Section 2, Clause 5.) Yesterday, the Speaker of the House announced the initiation of …Read More »
  • Two Democrats Vie to Follow Evans as Flagstaff Mayor

    Update 10/20/2020: Celia Barotz has withdrawn from the race. Over the weekend, former City Council Member and former Vice Mayor Celia Barotz announced she was in the race for Flagstaff Mayor. She joins current Flagstaff Council Member and former Vice Mayor Jamie Whelan in the race to succeed two-term Mayor …Read More »
  • Reflections on DJ Trump

    Many of us in Coconino County know Don Howard. He has been a leader in the Coconino County Democratic Party for years. He was Chief of the Timberline/Fernwood Fire Department and then the Summit Fire Department and he is a hero as a wildland firefighter. His team stopped the Schultz …Read More »
  • ADP State Committee Meeting

    The Meeting and Surrounding Events Nearly one-third of Coconino County State Committee Members attended the last Arizona Democratic Party State Committee Meeting of the year on September 21, and nearly all attended when proxies are counted. The meeting was in Prescott. The Yavapai County Democratic Party did a wonderful job …Read More »
  • Western County Work Takes Off!

    The Coconino County Democratic Party has divided itself into a number of regions to facilitate organizing efforts. Here’s an encouraging report from the West Region: We may be small in terms of numbers but we are mighty in terms of activism in the Western region of the county. There are …Read More »
  • Article VII of ADP By-Laws: Amendment Proposals

    Update 9/21/19: We were able to reach a good compromise on this proposed amendment. The 2% requirement was deleted. The four-county requirement was adopted. The By-Laws Committee of the Arizona Democratic Party will be proposing an Amendment to Article VII of the State Committee By-Laws on Saturday, September 21. The …Read More »
  • Abortion Rates Steadily Decline

    From 2011 through 2017, abortion rates in nearly all states of the U.S. — and in all Census Regions — declined. The big news is that states where Republicans have successfully restricted abortion access showed no bigger declines than elsewhere. A key factor in the decline is that there were …Read More »
  • 4th Debate News

    The DNC announced last week that CNN, in partnership with the New York Times, will host the fourth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate at Otterbein University in Westerville, OH. This debate may occur over consecutive nights in prime time to accommodate a large field of qualifying candidates, with the first night …Read More »
  • Remember and Recommit

    Fifty-six years ago today, four precious little girls were murdered in one of the most heinous acts of white supremacist terror of the civil rights era. Addie Mae Collins and Carol Denise McNair were getting ready to sing in the choir. Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley were going to be …Read More »
  • Fall/Winter Strategy

    We kicked off our Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Strategy at our Monthly Action Meeting on September 14. The goals are to register new Democratic voters and reach out to unaffiliated and infrequent voters during this time. We’ll win in 2020 by registering and motivating new voters. Our County Party leadership is committed …Read More »
  • Trump Is Destroying Our Land and Water

    Everything Trump does from now to November 3 is for his re-election campaign. Is he miscalculating? True, he’s fulfilling — or trying to fulfill — promises he made in his first campaign. But as he does so, will more people wake up to the horror of those promises than be …Read More »
  • The 3d Presidential Primary Debate: This Thursday!

    This Thursday’s Debate will be televised from Houston, TX on ABC (Channel 15 in Northern Arizona) and on Univision (with Spanish translation) beginning at 5 pm, Arizona Time. The broadcast will also be available on the network’s streaming channel and on the website and apps, as well as Hulu …Read More »
  • LD-6 In Motion to Win

    The Four-County-LD-6 Working Group held its second meeting on Saturday in Sedona. Thanks to Felicia French for AZ Senate and Coral Evans for AZ House for coming to inspire us. Representatives from all four counties that are part of LD-6 attended — party leaders, club leaders, and Indivisible leaders came …Read More »
  • Democrats on the Issues: Healthcare

    by Ryan Anderson, Coconino County Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman Editor’s Note: Our County Party is neutral among Democratic candidates until one of those candidates becomes the party’s nominee; however, our precinct committee people are encouraged to analyze positions and share their thoughts as well as support the candidates of their choice. …Read More »
  • Presidential Debate Update

    The next Presidential Debate is September 12, starting at 5 pm Arizona time. Late last month, the Democratic National Committee voted to deny the request of many Democrats to schedule a climate-specific debate in addition to the 12 debates it announced in January 2019. Our local Democratic National Committee Member, …Read More »
  • “The Report” ~ Episodes 6 & 7

    The writers at the Lawfare Blog are publishing a podcast series to make the Mueller Report more available to a wide audience. Told in a careful, but dramatic fashion, these podcasts are worth the listening time. Episodes 6 & 7 are now available. Part VI: Back Channels It’s December 29, …Read More »
  • Lordy, Lordy, Mr. Comey

    The Twitter-verse has been wild today with comments on the Justice Department Inspector General’s long-awaited report on the supposed misconduct of James Comey, former FBI Director. We here at the Coconino Democrats are not big fans of Mr. Comey, having formed our unfavorable impressions when he jumped onto the national …Read More »
  • Our Weekend of Action: Huge Success

    Our goals for last weekend were (1) register students as they moved into their campus homes, (2) test-run some canvassing ideas, including student-focused literature, targeting apartment complexes, testing quality of existing data, and launching from a room with an outside door (our internal office space is a bit of a …Read More »
  • Democrats on the Issues: Democracy and Political Reform

    by Ryan Anderson, Coconino County Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman Our County Party is neutral among Democratic candidates until one of those candidates becomes the party’s nominee; however, our precinct committee people are encouraged to analyze positions and share their thoughts as well as support the candidates of their choice separate …Read More »
  • Broken Promises

    The payroll tax supports Social Security and Medicare. Cutting it is a quick way to infuse money into a faltering economy because the cuts are most likely to be spent by consumers rather than saved or invested. But cuts also leave Social Security and Medicare underfunded and Republicans — notably …Read More »
  • Allen and Thorpe Get Orders from ALEC

    LD-6 Senate Candidates Sylvia Allen (R) and Bob Thorpe (R) went to Texas last week to get their marching orders from ALEC. LD-6 Senator Sylvia Allen (R) and LD-6 Representative Bob Thorpe (R) went on what was likely an all-expense-paid trip to Austin, Texas for the ALEC conference at the …Read More »
  • Medicare for All?

    “Medicare for All” is a bill pending in Congress. It’s never had a hearing. The “Consumer Health Insurance Protection Act,” introduced last year, also has never had a hearing. Nor have ” Medicare-X Choice Act of 2019,” ” Choose Medicare Act,” “Medicare buy-in for 50+.” Other plans with fancy names …Read More »
  • “The Report” ~ Episodes 4 & 5

    The writers at the Lawfare Blog are publishing a podcast series to make the Mueller Report more available to a wide audience. Told like a great trial lawyer would sum up a case — a careful, but dramatic — statement of the facts. Episodes 4 & 5 are now available. …Read More »
  • Wealth Tax?

    Adapted from The Arizona Legislative Alert UUJAZ / VUU, July 18, 2019. What is a Wealth Tax? A wealth tax is simply a tax on your accumulated assets – the net value of your house (appraised value minus what you owe), the net value of other property including a farm or business, …Read More »
  • Thankful for Sinema’s measured approach to policy

    I wanted to write a brief note to say that I believe Senator Sinema’s tenure in the Senate has been measured and focused. It’s something that is rare these days of partisan rhetoric and finger-pointing. Her demeanor has shown that she is the perfect person to fill Senator McCain’s centrist …Read More »
  • New DNC Website

    The Democratic National Committee has released a new website for 2020. It’s still at the old address: It’s worth a look. The site explains who the Democratic Party is and what it does, gives a tiny bit (of slanted) history, does a nice enough job of laying our our …Read More »
  • Quotation of the Week

    “This is not a referendum on one guy in one office,” Cory Booker said at the Iowa State Fair. “This is a referendum on us and who are we going to be to each other. This is one of those moral moments in our nation that’s going to define the character of …Read More »
  • The Report ~ Episode 3

    The third episode in the Law Fare series of podcasts that bring the Mueller Report to life is available now. It’s called The Campaign and the Leaks. From the producers: It’s July 27, 2016. Donald Trump has just given a press conference during which he suggests that Russia hack Hillary …Read More »
  • Sylvia Allen Can’t Hide Her Backward Views

    During a rambling, 25-minute speech peppered with religious and autobiographical references, Allen expressed a worldview that the founding principles of the United States are under attack by feminists, secularists, and immigrants. That happened on July 15, according to reporting by the Phoenix New Times. Then it got worse. Having experienced …Read More »
  • “The Report” ~ Episode 2

    Last week, the writers at Lawfare Blog released the first episode of a narrative audio documentary, The Report, which tells the story Robert S. Mueller lays out in his famous 448-page document. Now we have Episode 2. This new episode focuses on the Russian hacking operation, the stealing of documents and …Read More »
  • “What’s Really Hurting Society is the Decline of Patriarchy,” ~ Senator Sylvia Allen

    Yes, she really said that. Along with several other “unbelievable” statements. This is the Senator in the Arizona Legislature representing LD-6, including Flagstaff and Sedona and surrounding areas in Coconino County. It’s definitely time for a change. Speaking during a July 15 event at Republican Party Headquarters in Phoenix, Allen …Read More »
  • McSally Insults Our Intelligence

    For any city, one natural disaster is a nightmare. Right now, Flagstaff is dealing with two at once.  The Museum Fire, which is currently only 12% contained, continues to threaten homes, with thousands of people on alert for a possible evacuation order. At the same time, monsoon thunderstorms combined with …Read More »
  • Highlights of Mueller Testimony

    Here are the six most significant quotations from former Special Counsel Mueller’s testimony yesterday as compiled by the Washington Post 202: 1) On Russian interference in domestic politics: “They’re doing it as we sit here, and they expect to do it in the next campaign.” Mueller said he wrote the …Read More »
  • Pro-Life, Until Birth

    This week, the Trump Administration is again proving that it’s “pro-life” until after the person is out of the womb. The Trump administration is proposing bumping 3.1 million people off of food stamps (about 8 percent of the total program) through the federal rule-making process. In other words, by Presidential fiat instead …Read More »
  • “The Report”: A Podcast Series from Lawfare

    The writers at the Lawfare Blog are publishing a podcast series to make the Mueller Report more available to a wide audience. Told like a great trial lawyer would sum up a case — a careful, but dramatic — statement of the facts. The first episode is available now. Download …Read More »
  • Presidential Debate – July

    Nineteen of the candidates participating in July will be the same as in June. Rep. Eric Swalwell with from the race, leaving one spot open on stage which has been filled by Montana Governor Steve Bullock based on his success in the polls compared with the remaining candidates who didn’t …Read More »
  • LD-6: Statement of Candidate Non-Support

    The Coconino County Democratic Party has a long-standing policy of remaining neutral in contested primary races “absent extraordinary circumstances.” The Executive Committee has found it necessary to invoke that exception in the case of the candidacy of Greg DeCross, who has filed to run for one of the two seats …Read More »
  • No thanks, David Brooks

    by Ann Heitland — the opinions here may not reflect the view of all members of the County Party. We invite an alternative submission. I’m starting to hear that self-defeating refrain, “I will not under any circumstances vote for X.” Embarrassing himself, David Brooks of the New York Times wrote …Read More »
  • Timely Reads

    Today, Trump launches his re-election campaign (we thought that started a while back — seems it’s all he’s been doing). Rally in Orlando where the Orlando Sentinel greeted him this morning with this Editorial: Our Endorsement for President: Not Donald Trump. Meanwhile, a freshman representative from a purple district became …Read More »
  • Arizona’s Budget Signals the Parties’ Differing Values

    On Thursday, June 13, we were honored to host Arizona Democratic House Leader Charlene Fernandez, House Co-Whip Athena Salman, and Senator Jamescita Peshlakai (LD-7) for a public town hall at Coconino High School. The group explained the 2020 budget as passed by the Arizona Legislature in the session which just …Read More »
  • Climate Debate Ruckus

    The demand for a Presidential Debate focused exclusively on climate change is turning into another test of grassroots power in the Democratic Party. The Democratic National Committee set up a series of 12 debates for the 2020 cycle, none with a single focus. In the face of pressure to hold …Read More »
  • Presidential Debate Update

    Five NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo stars will put questions to 20 Democratic presidential hopefuls later this month at the first 2020 primary debate. This week the network announced that “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt, “Today” co-anchor Savannah Guthrie, “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd, MSNBC prime-time host Rachel Maddow, …Read More »
  • 2019 Legislative Wrap up — the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

    We believe that your advocacy through Request to Speak and with phone calls, emails, letters, and in person meetings with legislators made a difference in the 2019 session — mostly in stopping some very bad bills. Let’s keep it up next year! POSITIVE RESULTS: Delivered on the promise of a …Read More »
  • The Danger of Trump’s Mexican Tariff Stunt

    There are lessons for China, the European Union and Japan. This column appeared in the Washington Post. Leaders in foreign capitals are likely updating their trade war strategies after watching how President Trump handled his confrontation with Mexico.  The episode provides a couple of important lessons for governments (think: China, …Read More »
  • Coral Evans Jumps into LD-6 House Race

    Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans announced today that she will run for Arizona House from Legislative District 6. She’s the first Democratic candidate to announce for the House race. Felicia French is running for the Arizona Senate seat, having made her announcement in February before hitting the Arizona Trail. In making …Read More »
  • New Evidence Reveals Republican Mendacity on Census Question

    Back in March we wrote that Trump’s Commerce Department plans to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census is “craven attack on our democracy and a transparent attempt to intimidate immigrant communities,” and  laid out the reasons why. This week we learned that Trump Administration officials withheld evidence and …Read More »
  • How Arizona spent your tax dollars in the new state budget

    Now that the Republican legislature has passed its budget and Ducey has signed it into law, let’s take a look at some of the worst of it. If you’re interested in what alternative priorities the Democrats proposed, we’re sponsoring an event on June 13 with Democratic House Minority Leader Charlene …Read More »
  • Presidential Primary Debate Update

    Because of the large field, the first Presidential Primary debate will be held over two nights on June 26 and 27, broadcast from Miami, Florida. Which candidates appear which night will be determined by random drawing. The debate will be hosted by NBC, in partnership with MSNBC and Telemundo. The debate will …Read More »
  • Climate Change Not A Myth to Arizonans

    PHOENIX (May 21st, 2019) – More than two-thirds of Arizona voters say climate change is occurring, according to the latest OHPI Arizona Public Opinion Poll (AZPOP). “The existence of global warming has been hotly debated in the last decade but climate change deniers appear to be losing the battle in Arizona,” …Read More »
  • Legislature About to Make the 2006 Mistake Again?

    From David Lujan of the Arizona Center for Economic Progress. While Arizona’s public schools are once again being asked to wait for the funding just to get back to 2008 levels, some lawmakers are using the need to conform to the federal tax changes as an excuse to push forward $386 …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts: The Crucial Week

    We are in week 19 of the current session. The State Budget will be introduced this week.  Word is that Ducey and the Republican leaders have an agreement, but whether the rank and file will fall in line is uncertain. Be sure to call your representatives to insist that education, …Read More »
  • 1st Republican Breaks from the Party-Line: Calls Trump’s Conduct Impeachable

    Rep. Justin Amash, Michigan, became the first Republican congressman to say the president “engaged in impeachable conduct.” Amash is an attorney and styles himself as a Libertarian. He made his announcement on Twitter: Here are my principal conclusions: 1. Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented Mueller’s report. 2. President Trump …Read More »
  • Legislative Alerts ~ Week of May 13, 2019

    We are in day 120 of the legislature session – it is nominally supposed to last 100 days.  The delay is due to disagreements over the budget.  Remember to send your ideas on budget priorities to your representatives. SB 1451 – SCR 1023 – HCR 2005 – OPPOSE STRONGLY – …Read More »
  • Pay Attention to State Politics!

    The Arizona Legislature will be in the red zone of its session this coming week — this is the time that critical budget decisions are made and “strike-everything” amendments rear up without notice. “Strike everything” means bills that don’t really matter to the Republican majority get amended to strike all …Read More »
  • 2020 Democrats Unite

    DNC Chair Tom Perez published this post on Medium on May 9. His post is reproduced below. With a historic number of Democratic presidential candidates competing for the nomination and a deeply troubling Republican presidency threatening our democracy, Democratic unity has never been more important. That’s why we committed to …Read More »