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These posts provide information about activities of the Coconino County Democratic Party, Democratic candidates, and other newsworthy items related to our mission. Also, consult our Action Alerts for news of current activity in the nation and state, recent issues of our e-Newsletter, and Talking Points for articles with more in-depth analysis of issues.

  • Judge’s Ruling on ACA Lands Like a “Stink Bomb”

    The Associated Press reports:  “A federal judge’s ruling that the Obama health law is unconstitutional has landed like a stink bomb among Republicans, who’ve seen the politics of health care flip as Americans increasingly value the overhaul’s core parts, including protections for pre-existing medical conditions and Medicaid for more low-income people.” …Read More »
  • Fee or Tax? Either Shows Failure

    The vehicle registration fee enacted last April by Governor Ducey and the Republican Legislature is showing up on registration renewal notices and causing an internal firefight among Republicans.  The underlying problem for all Arizona Republicans is their failure to recognize that governing costs money and someone has got to pay …Read More »
  • “Individual 1” is POTUS

    Read today’s news in its original form — no slant or analysis. These are the actual court documents filed today by prosecutors: The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Sentencing Memo for Cohen Special Counsel Mueller’s sentencing memo on Michael Cohen Special Counsel Mueller’s memo on Paul …Read More »
  • Pearl Harbor Day

    On this day 77 years ago, the era of the United States living in isolation from the world ended. Today, we honor the men and women who lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor attack and thank those who spent the next 4 years avenging them by defending democracy against …Read More »
  • Reorg at Campaign Committees Yields Four Female Leaders

    Democrats elected women across the top as leaders of the Senate, House, Gubernatorial, and Legislative Campaign Committees (while Republicans not surprisingly elected for 4). The Washington Post 202 gives a nice summary of each new leader. Cheri Bustos of Illinois, the new chair of the DCCC, is one to watch. She …Read More »
  • Promises Made. Promises Not Kept

    Plant closures underscore Trump’s unfulfilled promises, from tariffs to tax cuts.  Important facts call out POTUS in the lead article from  Analysis | The Daily 202: GM layoffs show why there’s a crisis of confidence in American capitalism, Washington Post, 11/27/2018. The piece also includes a spotlight on Congressman Joe Kennedy.Read More »
  • Implications of Katie Hobbs’ Victory

    From the Daily Kos Morning Digest today: Hobb’s victory is critical for voting rights in what’s likely to be a pivotal 2020 swing state because of her firm advocacy for pro-voting policies such as automatic voter registration and making sure eligible voters stay on the voter rolls. By contrast, Gaynor had called …Read More »
  • Congressman O’Halleran joins in sponsoring legislation to protect Native American Voting Rights

    Without mentioning the debacle in North Dakota, Congressman O’Halleran joined other Democrats in sponsoring legislation to protect Native American voting rights. This bill will need to be reintroduced when the new Congress convenes in January. Read more.Read More »
  • Ballot Count Update: Sinema Wins; Potentially 4 Statewide Winners

    Katie Hobbs is now leading by 5,667 votes. This includes updates today from Coconino, Pinal, Maricopa, and Pima. Sinema is a clear winner. She’s leading McSally by 1.72% with too few ballots out in McSally strongholds to make a difference. Sinema will go live at 6:30 tonight to declare victory. …Read More »
  • Thank you. Now, we move forward.

    Thank you to the folks of Coconino County who came out to help our party move our City, our State, and our Nation in the direction of justice, fairness, and opportunity. To everyone who served as a precinct committee person or outreach volunteer or financial donor over the last 2 …Read More »
  • Voting Made Easy!

    We’re trying to make voting as easy as possible. Here are a few helpful things to know: If you still have your mail-in ballot, don’t put it in the mail. There are options for depositing it in official elections drop boxes instead of mailboxes, or you can take it to …Read More »
  • Need A Ride to the Polls?

    If you need a ride to the polls during Early Voting or on Election Day, we’d like to help. In the Flagstaff area, give us a call at 928-421-3439 to schedule a time. Please call at least a day in advance of when you need your ride. Same-day rides cannot …Read More »
  • The Caravan

    An Editorial in last week’s Daily Sun challenges Democrats to talk about “the caravan.” I will. The Editorial concedes “The country’s strength is derived from the fact that it has been home to those in peril,” adding, “[t]his does not mean open borders but a smart and lawful methodology for …Read More »
  • What You Need to Know About Early Voting

    Dateline: 10/26 — there was more you may have needed to know before today. Now, we’re down to the essence. Early in-person voting is encouraged for all who do not have mail-in ballots. This reduces lines on Election Day and makes sure that your voice will be heard even if …Read More »
  • Federal Only Ballot Deadline!

    Arizona law requires specified identification at the time of voter registration to prove citizenship. Federal law does not. Nearly 2000 voters have registered in Coconino County who will be eligible to vote only for Krysten Sinema and Tom O’Halleran and nothing else on that long ballot. Most of these are …Read More »
  • Is Bannon Interfering in Our LD-6 Race?

    Steve Bannon — the Master of Chaos and Trump champion in the 2016 Election — seems to be messing with our very own LD-6 Legislative Race. He appeared in Flagstaff last night with Republican Candidate for LD-6 House, Walt Blackman. Blackman is running with Incumbent “Where’s Bob” Thorpe and against our …Read More »
  • YIKES! There’s a LOT on My Ballot

    We’ve been hearing from people that it’s taking a long time to vote because the ballot is long. Make it easy, provide your friends with the Sample Ballot.  Stop into our office to pick up a supply — we’re open from 10-6 every day from now through November 6 — …Read More »
  • Coconino County’s Voter Registration Reaches All Time High

    The total number of registered voters in Coconino County for the upcoming November 6, 2018, General Election has reached a record high of 83,239 registrants, according to information released by the County Recorder’s Office last night.  This surpasses the County’s previous record of 81,461 registered voters set at the Nov. …Read More »
  • Prop 306 a NO brainer

    Voting No on Proposition 306 is a No Vote Brainer By David Gordon, LD18 Democrat Do you want the tentacles of Dark Money special interests regulating our Clean Elections Campaigns in Arizona? That is what could happen if Proposition 306 passes this November. Currently, the administration of Clean Election Campaigns is …Read More »
  • Help Us Win: Vote Early

    Early voting begins Wednesday, October 10.  Early voting by Democrats is a key element in our plan to win in Arizona. Early voting is a right and privilege given to Arizonans by law — let’s exercise it! This blog post explains why and how. At first blush, it may not …Read More »
  • “Mob Rule” or Rule by “The Mob?”

    Midterm elections offer citizens the opportunity to correct the course set by the President by rejecting those in Congress who support him. Sometimes these elections are about the economy or about foreign wars. In the 1970 Election — held in the midst of protests against the Vietnam War and Republican …Read More »
  • Ballot Chase Weekends of Action!

    Our Get-Out-The-Vote effort gets into full swing this weekend and we need your help. We’re targeting Democrats who need a little nudge to vote in the Midterm Elections (turnout is much greater in Presidential years).  Please give 2-3 hours on one of the next two weekends to help win this election. …Read More »
  • Prop 418 supporters shameful in misinformation

    The “Yes on 418” campaign gets smarmier and more disingenuous by the minute. Recall, this is the new initiative – intentionally misleading in its representations – to strip the voter approved minimum wage from hard working people, many of whom are simply struggling to get by. Yes on 418’s “Keep …Read More »
  • Vote Yes on Prop 127 to advance clean energy

    Proposition 127 is on the ballot in Arizona. The proposition is simple: AZ non-governmental energy sold to consumers will be generated by 50 percent renewable sources by 2030. This cannot possibly be viewed as an onerous goal for our state, which has the high number of sunshine days in the …Read More »
  • Where Do We Go from Here?

    Four thoughts now that Kavanaugh is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court: 1) We knew we would lose the Supreme Court when we lost the Election in 2016. 2) Susan Collins just lost all claim to be a Pro-Choice Republican. 3) We are discouraged and angry. Acknowledge that and …Read More »
  • Kavanaugh Part of Larger Attack on US 

    There is ample evidence that Kavanaugh knowingly lied under oath to senators, and his temperament in doing so is not fit for the Supreme Court. An unprecedented number of institutions have come out against his nomination including the National Council of Churches, Yale Law School, the American Bar Association, over …Read More »
  • Not Normal

    Earlier this week, after an 18-month investigation, the New York Times revealed that the President of the United States committed hundreds of millions of dollars of tax fraud – possibly one of the biggest scandals in the history of the Presidency – and a few days later we’re no longer …Read More »

    You can’t vote if you’re not registered to vote.  Coconino County is making it easy for you by keeping their Elections Offices open on Saturday: 110 E. Cherry in Flagstaff (there is a free parking lot!) Flagstaff Mall – next to J.C. Penny’s Tuba City Library (in the basement) Or, …Read More »
  • Important Statewide Races

    Need to light a fire to get excited about working on this election? Consider these statewide races: Our Secretary of State is the #2 Executive Branch official — he or she steps up to be Governor if the Governor leaves for any reason (and that’s happened a few times in recent …Read More »
  • How Many Signs Can I Have in My Front Yard? Can My HOA Stop Me from Having Signs?

    We’re getting these questions.  Let’s deal with the HOA statement first:  They can’t do that. Arizona Revised Statutes 33-1808 (C) prohibits any HOA from preventing you from putting out a political sign in the last 71 days before an election — we’re well within that time now! (You do have …Read More »
  • Vote No on Proposition 305

    Proposition 305 is a bit confusing so let me try to break it down for you. 1. Basically there are a number of school tax credits and there are also Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs). Both of these, in essence, funnel tax dollars to private schools. Prop 305 is about ESAs. …Read More »
  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Fail to Vote

    Five Facts To Help You in this Quest (And One to Motivate You) We need every Democrat to do something if we are going to win this election — even if it is as small a thing as answering a question about voting put to you by a neighbor or co-worker. …Read More »
  • Only 11 Days Until Voting Begins: GOTV Opportunities This Week

    We’re only 11 days out from the start of Early Voting. Vote-by-Mail ballots will be mailed October 10 and voters can also vote in person starting October 10.  FYI:  Early Voting Locations and Hours The voter registration deadline is 10 days away — October 9. Feeling a sense of urgency …Read More »
  • WE, the People, are Responsible for OUR Nation

    Op-Ed by Bryan Bates, Doney Park, September 2018 Once upon a time, Republicans and Democrats talked and worked with each as was demonstrated daily by John McCain. Enter large monetary contributions hidden from public view per the “Citizens United” Supreme Court and other legal rulings, and political efforts become entrenched …Read More »
  • With the Country’s Focus on Kavanaugh, HR Passes Another Budget-busting Tax Cut for the Wealthy

    While all eyes were focused on the Kavanaugh hearings this week, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives delivered another gift to their donors by passing a bill to cut income taxes AGAIN. The House’s new bill takes effect starting in 2025 and would add $600 billion to the national debt …Read More »
  • Social Security Positions Crucial in Congressional District 1

    Is your calendar circled for the day your Social Security check is deposited into your bank account? Do you plan your bill paying – and retired life in general —  and retired life in general — around that all-important date every month? If you answered yes, you should take a …Read More »
  • Voter Suppression Update – Voter Registration Deadline Nears

    In a setback for voting rights, a federal judge has rejected a lawsuit aimed at forcing GOP Secretary of State Michele Reagan to send out notification letters to 380,000 voters whose registrations she refused to automatically update when they updated their address with the state Department of Transportation. The plaintiffs had argued this …Read More »
  • Canvassing & PB Opportunities This Week

    Face-to-Face contact is the most effective way to persuade people to vote. Here’s what we know about opportunities this week. Also see our events calendar for repeating canvassing and phone-banking events organized by the Arizona Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign. Organizers who want their canvasses included in this notice, please fill out this form.  …Read More »
  • New Office Hours

    Our office at 201 E. Birch Ave. Suite 6 will be open for extended hours starting Monday. Thanks to the volunteers who have stepped up (and those who will) to make this happen.  If you need notary services, it is still necessary to be there between 10-2 p.m. when our Office Manager …Read More »
  • House Republicans Are Gaslighting Their Constituents

    House Republicans proposed an additional $646 billion in tax cuts this week — a number that could grow to roughly $2 trillion over a decade. Background: The tax cuts for individuals under the original Republican tax law pushed through in December 2017 are mostly set to expire by 2025. Only the law’s tax …Read More »
  • Fact Check: Ducey and Public Education Funding

    By David Boyles, ASU English Instructor Now that Doug Ducey’s minions on the state Supreme Court have knocked the Invest in Ed initiative off the ballot, and Ducey is up against a pro-public education opponent in David Garcia, we are probably going to hear a lot from Ducey about how …Read More »
  • 33 Days To Go Until Ballots Drop

    While there are sixty days until November 6 — Election Day — there are only 33 days to go until people start voting in this important midterm election. Procrastination time is over. Voters have chosen our candidates and they are all eminently more qualified to represent our values than their Republican …Read More »
  • Arizona Democratic Party Voter Protection

    Are you interested in volunteering to watch for voter suppression or other issues at the polls on Election Day? The Arizona Democratic Party is recruiting NOW for training. While this is a minor issue for Coconino County, we still need a few good volunteers to be at the ready. Contact: Easha …Read More »
  • Steve Gaynor Could Be Your Governor Someday If We Don’t Work Hard

    We all know Doug Ducey, but the guy who would succeed him if he leaves office before finishing his next term as Governor (should he win) could be even worse. The Republicans just nominated businessman Steve Gaynor to be Secretary of State — the 2d highest executive office in the …Read More »
  • Introducing Our New LD-6 Opponent — Walt Blackman

    Walt Blackman is running with our old nemesis Bob Thorpe for the two AZ House seats in LD-6. Walt is another radical Tea Party conservative just like Thorpe and incumbent LD-6 Senator Sylvia Allen, who is also running for re-election. Walt Blackman’s campaign slogan is “freedom.” Among other things, he wants …Read More »
  • What Democrats Still Don’t Get About Winning Elections

    Wonk Alert! An article published in the Washington Monthly bears the unfortunate title, “What Democrats Still Don’t Get About Winning Back the White Working Class.” Your editor, Ann Heitland, has modified that to the title you see above this post because the article is well worth reading for it’s broader point: The debate over …Read More »
  • ICYMI: North Carolina’s gerrymandered map is unconstitutional; judges’ ruling may affect control of the House

    Update September 1: While the district court had said it might consider implementing new districts this year, that’s unlikely, as the plaintiffs told the court in a Friday filing that doing so would be too disruptive. Original Report: A panel of three federal judges held Monday that North Carolina’s congressional districts were unconstitutionally …Read More »
  • Primary Election Day Tuesday: What You Need to Know

    Who is eligible to vote:  All registered voters.  This is an open partisan primary election for the Democratic, Green and Republican Parties.  Unaffiliated (Independent, no party designated or Other) registered voters are cordially invited to help pick the next Democratic nominees. Deadline to return voted early ballots:  Election Day, August 28, 2018, …Read More »
  • Democrats Smash GOP in Arizona Voter Registrations

    We told you we’ve been working hard! A new report from the Secretary of State’s Office shows that for every person who registered with the GOP since March, the Democrats registered more than three. These numbers correlate with our sense on the ground: Arizona Democrats are more energized this year …Read More »
  • Gubernatorial Debate

    Nearly 500 people filled Sinagua Middle School Auditorium on August 7 for a debate among the three candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for Arizona Governor. Voters will choose the nominee in the primary election which is now underway and concludes on the final Election Day of August 28. Candidates Steve …Read More »
  • What Gets the Votes

    The campaign season is already on fire and we’re blazing a trail to win. This is, therefore, a good time to review the work that has to be done. Republicans in this state, and in Legislative District 6, had a significant voter registration advantage going into this campaign cycle. That’s …Read More »
  • It Can Get Worse Than Michele Reagan, truly

    At a recent debate ahead of Arizona’s Aug. 28 Republican primary for Secretary of State, businessman Steve Gaynor advocated for banning the printing of ballots and other election materials in Spanish, arguing that they should only be in English. Furthermore, Gaynor called for repealing the 1975 amendment to the federal Voting Rights Act that, …Read More »
  • H.R. 610 Proposes Radically Reactionary Changes to Education

    Here is more example of the axiom that Elections Have Real Life Consequences. Republicans in the U.S. House propose to eliminate the 1965 law requiring equal access to education and the school lunch standards set in 2012. DeVos proposes to expand school vouchers, undermining public education. If the Republican Senate …Read More »
  • Update on Statewide Ballot Initiatives

    You can follow the progress of signature verification for all ballot initiatives here. Also, arguments for and against — to be included in the official Secretary of State Voter Guide were due July 11 and are available online at the same link (below the signature count charts).Read More »
  • Brace for 2019 Premium Increases Due to GOP Sabotage of the Affordable Care Act

    The average marketplace enrollee will pay about $1,000 more for health insurance than they should due to mandate repeal and the short-term plan rule. For those living in Arizona’s Congressional District 1 the increase will be higher. Depending on our age and family situation, our health insurance premium will go …Read More »
  • GOP Administration Protects Profiteers over College Students

    In another example of this GOP Administration dismantling’s of the federal government as we know it, the Education Department, led by GOP hero Betsey DeVos, is revoking regulations that forced for-profit colleges to prove that they provide gainful employment to the students they enroll. This is the most drastic in a …Read More »
  • Orwell Warned Us About This

    Outraged by Helsinki? Please be equally outraged by what has happened this weekend with the Carter Page FISA warrants. And spread the word. Here’s the threat: “If you repeat a falsehood enough times, many people will believe it. Especially if you have 53.2 million Twitter followers, the bully pulpit of …Read More »
  • Preview Your Primary Election Ballot

    Here’s a neat tool to preview your primary election ballot:  Enter your address and it generates the races you’ll be voting on. Or, you can see all the races in the state. Click here to get started. Deadline to register to vote in the primary is July 30. Primary election …Read More »
  • Have a Question About a Call You Received from “The Democratic Party?”

    We understand there are calls going out to Democrats throughout the state from people identifying themselves as calling “from the Democratic Party.” We have received numerous complaints about these calls, which name one of the two candidates for U.S. Senate. Please be aware that these calls do not originate with …Read More »
  • We’re in a National Security Crisis — What is Congress Going to Do About It?

    Editorial boards across the country are running lists of things Congress COULD do if our elected Senators and Congressmen were serious about the national security crisis we face.  Make no mistake, according to Republican and Trump appointee Dan Coats — the nation’s chief intelligence officer, we are facing the greatest …Read More »
  • LD-6 Campaign Update: 800 Doors Knocked in One Day

    White Mountain Democrats knocked on more than 800 doors in Payson on Saturday to help win the Legislative District 6 race, which is critical to winning control of the Arizona Legislature.   Helping Wade Carlisle defeat State Sen. Sylvia Allen while also to defeating (Where’s Bob) Thorpe and McDaniel by …Read More »
  • Trump Takes Major Swipes at the Affordable Care Act

    Even with majorities in both houses of Congress, Republicans were unable to pass a repeal of the Affordable Care Act in 2017 even though they had made “Repeal Obamacare” a campaign cry ever since it came into being in 2010. When Republicans finally controlled Congress and the Presidency in 2017,  …Read More »
  • More “Witches” Indicted Today

    While Republicans and our President continue to harangue the Mueller investigation, our loyal law enforcement officials continue to plug away.  Today, the United States of American indicted more Russian citizens — specifically, officials of the Russian government under the command of Putin — on the grounds of conspiracy to interfere …Read More »
  • Inflation-Adjusted Wages Down From Last Year

    “Worker pay in the second quarter dropped nearly one percent below its first-quarter level, according to the PayScale Index, one measure of worker pay. When accounting for inflation, the drop is even steeper. Year-over-year, rising prices have eaten up still-modest pay gains for many workers, with the result that real wages …Read More »
  • How’s that Economy Working for You?

    If you are fortunate enough to have stock market investments, you are enjoying an unprecedented streak of continual wealth growth — a streak that began in 2012 by the way. But only about 50% of Americans own a piece of the stock market and most of them own a very …Read More »
  • Celebrate Independence Day with Us!

        Watch for the Big Blue Wave in the parade.   Then join us for the Ice Cream Social at Headquarters — 201 E. Birch.           The Blue Wave is going to help win November’s election, but we need lots of hard work to really …Read More »
  • Never More Important

    If there was ever any question whether the November elections would be the most important of our lifetime, Justice Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court should remove all doubt. In 2017, Mitch McConnell held up President Obama’s nomination of moderate, yet brilliant, Jurist Merrick Garland for over 8 months on …Read More »
  • Hypocrisy

    We’re about to hear a lot of it as Trump rolls out his next Supreme Court nominee. As Coconino County Democrats, there is one vital thing we need to do to try to save our country:  Find 7000 more votes in this County. Apart from that, we can only hope …Read More »
  • Trump’s Narrowing of “Angel Families” Is an Insult to Victims

    In our continuing quest for truth as a weapon against divisive propaganda, we dug up this 2016 article about “angel moms” — the origin of Trump’s false reality show today. No one can doubt the painful loss of the family members he put on display. They are entitled to seek …Read More »
  • Keeping Families Together: Update

    There is much confusing news today about the migrant/refugee situation. What we do know is that Trump’s Executive Order solves nothing for the families already separated and may not hold up in the courts for keeping new refugees together. We know that the Trump administration is not allowing asylum claims …Read More »
  • Speaking Out for Our Values: Abusing Asylum Seekers Is Wrong

    Thank you, Congressman O’Halleran, for speaking out against the despicable border policy of the Trump Administration. June 15, 2018 Press Release WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01) released the following statement regarding the Department of Justice’s decision to separate children from parents at the border and deny asylum to victims of domestic …Read More »
  • 18-month long Inspector General Investigation Finds Clinton Was Rightly Cleared by FBI

    Today’s top news: The inspector general found “no evidence that the conclusions by Justice Department prosecutors were affected by bias or other improper considerations.” The report acknowledged that certain emails appeared to contain classified information, but investigators determined the FBI’s conclusion that Clinton did not intend to expose classified information …Read More »
  • Creeping Authoritarianism Can Be Stopped — if people vote

    The Trump Administration is quickly moving to consolidate power without regard to the rule of law. This is why Jeff Sessions remains as Attorney General in spite of the misstep of recusing himself from the Mueller Investigation. Thursday night, in the face of objections by three career Justice Department attorneys, …Read More »
  • Facts Not Slogans Support Invest in Ed Initiative

    A letter written by Ann Heitland and published in today’s Arizona Daily Sun lays out the arguments on both sides of the Invest in Education initiative, for which petitions are circulating now. On the one side, there are fiscal facts; on the other are tired old slogans: The opponents of the …Read More »
  • Statement on the Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision

    From the Arizona Democratic Party’s LGBTQ Caucus: The Supreme Court Of The United States ruling in the MASTERPIECE CAKESHOP, LTD. v. COLORADO CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION case did NOT give any person or business the right to discriminate based on their deeply held religious beliefs.  The court held that the process …Read More »
  • Significant Policy Statements from Arizona Democrats in the Legislature

    We need more Democrats in the Arizona legislature to work on policies like these: “Nothing this administration hopes to gain from this draconian policy is worth the cost to a child who now must live in fear of never seeing his or her parents again.” Excerpt from AZ House Democrats’ letter …Read More »
  • Keep Track of Candidate Filings Here!

    The deadline for filing candidate nominating petitions is tomorrow, May 30, at 5 p.m.  This is for everyone from U.S. Senator to precinct committeeman, with the exception of Special District candidates (like fire and school boards). For federal, statewide, and state legislative races, you can watch the nominating petitions roll …Read More »
  • Trump’s “America First” Policy Is Putting America Last

    Trump’s foreign policy is a reckless, unfolding disaster. It’s isolating the United States and hurting our economy. Long-time allies are remaking their alliances without us. Trump killed his Korea summit with rushed negotiations,  lack of message discipline, conflict among his senior aides, and the general absence of the meticulous planning …Read More »
  • Republicans Can’t Even Pass A Farm Bill

    “The farm bill itself became practically a sideshow, despite its importance to agriculture and the significant changes it would institute to food stamp programs.” WAPO, 5/18/18. The first job of the majority party in Congress is to govern and Paul Ryan’s House of Representatives has repeatedly failed — this morning’s vote …Read More »
  • Update on Ballot Initiatives: Supporting Democratic Values

    Newcomers to Arizona from eastern states often wonder what all the fuss about ballot initiatives is. Arizona became a state at the height of the Progressive Era in American history so the populist principle that citizens could initiate their own laws was enshrined in our State Constitution. Republicans in the …Read More »
  • Reneging on Campaign Promises, Trump Hails His New Drug Pricing Plan

    The elephant in the room on Republicans’ drug pricing plans remains the failure to allow the biggest consumer of prescription drugs to negotiate prices with drug companies. Trump railed against other Republicans for refusing to get this done during the presidential primary. This week Trump held a Rose Garden photo …Read More »
  • North Korea Summit???

    Will Trump be so busy preparing for the June 12 Summit with notorious Kim Jong Un to sit down for an interview with Mueller? If so, the only one who may be surprised is Rudy Guiliani, who come into his job as Trump’s newest personal lawyer promising to wrap of the …Read More »
  • Profiles of Our County Party Leaders — Mostly in their Own Words

    During the months of April and May, the Coconino County Party has been actively engaged in recruiting precinct committee people.  Furthermore, the Arizona Democratic Party is partnering with all county parties in a statewide effort to expand participation in party work. Being a PC means one has a voice in …Read More »
  • LD-6 Is Key to Changing Arizona

    As we’re focusing on how to change our legislature, it seems timely to revisit some facts about LD-6. Our district is one of the eight most competitive in the state. If we can flip all three seats from Republican to Democratic in LD-6, it will make a huge difference for …Read More »
  • House Democrats Support Educators, Vote to Reject Inadequate and Unsustainable GOP Budget

    The Arizona House and Senate Democrats fought hard last night for education in this state. They lost every vote. Ducey calls what came out “bipartisan” — which would be laughable if the lie didn’t fall off his lips so easily.  What really happened is that Republicans in the Arizona Legislature …Read More »
  • Listen to Some of Our Flagstaff PCs Talk About Their Work

    Then, come join us! #BeAPC Meet us and Join us: May 9, 5:15-6:45 at Headquarters!Read More »
  • Democrats Don’t Need New Ideas

    After all, Republicans have had the same three bad ideas for three decades: “tax cuts for the rich, slashed benefits for the poor, and more pollution. Paul Ryan 2010 was basically Newt Gingrich 1995 with a lower BMI, yet he got praised endlessly as an innovative thinker,” writes Paul Krugman, …Read More »
  • What Is the “Invest in Education” Ballot Initiative?

    It’s a gamble on a tight deadline. An advocacy group has filed an initiative with the Secretary of State called the “Invest in Education Act” that would go on the ballot in November if 150,642 signatures are raised between now and July 5.  That’s a lot of signatures! The Dark …Read More »
  • Ben Carson: Let’s Triple Rents for the Poor

    Republicans gotta pay for the tax cut somehow. The proposal by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson to at least triple the minimum rent that the poorest Americans pay for federally subsidized housing is part of the plan. This has to be approved by Congress, so maybe it won’t …Read More »
  • “We Don’t Need No Education”

    Thanks to Nobel-Prize-Winning Economist Paul Krugman for writing yesterday’s column in the New York Times explaining why Republicans ended up at war with America’s schoolteachers. Here are some excerpts: “At the state and local levels, the conservative obsession with tax cuts has forced the G.O.P. into what amounts to a …Read More »
  • Choose Medicare: A new route to better healthcare for all Americans

    “We have here in America a system right now called Medicare in which we have a popular, affordable, high-quality health-care option,” Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) said. “Shouldn’t every American deserve the opportunity to participate in such a plan? Why reserve such a plan to individuals who are 65 or older?” …Read More »
  • Republicans Cut Funds for Rural Infrastructure and Forest Protection

    The 2018 Farm Bill, which passed the Agriculture Committee on party lines, cuts nearly $800 million from conservation programs, $500 million from rural development programs over the next ten years, and includes no mandatory funding for infrastructure projects, such as broadband deployment and water and wastewater systems. Additionally, the bill …Read More »
  • Jeff Flake Shows His True Colors in A Pinch

    For those softening on Jeff Flake, here’s a stern reminder that he is a party-line, hard-right Republican: – Trump nominates a grossly unqualified NASA administrator. – Jeff Flake thinks this is a good opportunity to show how independent of Trump he is. And he’s right; in the scheme of things, …Read More »
  • Ducey Runs from #RedforEd on the Backs of the Neediest

    Ducey’s story about how he plans to pay for a 20% raise for teachers will probably change, but on April 16 this was it: “Sweep” $2 million in funding from the developmentally disabled, $1 million from healthcare in prisons, $8 million in funding for universities, and $37 million in funds …Read More »
  • More Data on the #TaxScam

    Data continues to roll in proving that the Republican Tax Scam pushes money to the wealthy.  Previously, we reported on the Morgan Stanley study. Now, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch has released data showing that fewer than 45 of the Standard & Poor’s 500 companies have paid out cash bonuses to …Read More »
  • Navajo Generating Station Poses Stark Contrast in How to Govern

    The Navajo Generating Station went online in 1974 and has been an essential element of the Navajo economy ever since.  NGS provides power that drives the pumps of the Central Arizona Project, which supplies water to much of the state. But CAP, the largest consumer of power from NGS, announced last year …Read More »
  • Will Republicans nullify Prop 305 before voters can have their say? 

    There are still persistent reports that the Legislature will again try to make an end run around the voters and repeal the bill (SB1431) they passed last year, which is scheduled to be voted on by the citizens of this state in November because Save Our Schools gained enough signatures to put …Read More »
  • Do You Believe in Miracles? Ducey would like us to when it comes to education funding.

    Facing the threat of a politically damaging teacher’s strike, Governor Ducey suddenly found (or says he found) money in the state budget to give teacher’s a 20% hike, bringing them into the middle of the pack of states on teacher pay. But wait, this year he says he can only …Read More »
  • Hear Us Roar Event Is Great Success!

    Coconino Dems continue to roll out greatly successful events. “Hear Us Roar” was co-sponsored by the NAU Young Dems, Together We Will-Northern Arizona, American Association of University Women-Flagstaff Branch, and Arizona List.  About 70 people packed the Weatherford Hotel to listen to eight of our Democratic Women Candidates on April …Read More »
  • Native Americans Reassignments by Trump’s Interior Department Out of Line

    Native American employees of the Department of the Interior were reassigned at a much higher rate than other ethnic groups when Secretary Zinke took over the Department. In June 2017, when Zinke reassigned 33 career employees, almost have of them were minorities. Thirty percent were Native Americans. The reassignment of …Read More »