Americans need to wake up

Are our senses becoming numb to the daily assault of vile and insulting language used by the president? I read a letter written by someone who condones Trump’s offensive language, comparing him to the “salty sailor” who verbally abuses those under his command to get things done. I also read on the opinion page (Aug. 29 edition the Daily Sun) that the Christian “right” objects to his language in which he takes the Lord’s name in vain (i.e. swearing). That is only one the ten commandments that he breaks. This is not the culture we want for someone representing the United States.

Wake up Americans. Is this president one whom you can be proud of? So much is at stake including the very survival of democracy as we have known it. We have power through our words and the ballot box.

We are a divided nation that needs to come together. But it takes work and sacrifice to get back on track to heal. If we don’t do anything, then we are part of the problem. But if we do something constructive, then we can become part of the solution.



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