Call for Eleanor Roosevelt Award Nominations – 2022

The Eleanor Roosevelt Award is presented annually to members of our community whose work and service to the people of Coconino County embody the ideals of Eleanor Roosevelt. The Executive Committee is now accepting nominations for this award to be presented at the Grand Finale of our Roosevelt-Kennedy Fundraising Drive on April 3. These nominations must be received by March 15 and must include a minimum 250-word statement in support of the nomination. Please email to

In her day, Mrs. Roosevelt was told to “attend to her own knitting,” but she refused. For decades, she wrote a daily newspaper column, traveled to spread FDR’s message, and pushed FDR’s administration toward more progressive policies. Truman appointed her to represent the United States at the first United Nations meeting.  She said, “I see it as our duty to comfort the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable.”

Facing the Nazi threat in Europe in 1939, Mrs. Roosevelt said something that resonates today, “Each American family must snap out of its secure little circle and face stirring problems at home and abroad. The price of keeping our personal liberty is that we shall have to think for ourselves. We are going to have to be willing to face many situations that we have never been willing to face before.”

Who (male, female or non-binary) in Coconino County strives to live up to the ideals espoused by Eleanor Roosevelt? Generally, elected officials will not be eligible or will be considered very judiciously based on other service to the community. No member of the County Party Executive Committee is eligible. Submit your nomination by March 15. The winner will be announced April 3 at the in-person finale of our Roosevelt-Kennedy Fundraising event.

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