Direct from Indivisible: Correspondents Dinner Action

TAKE ACTION: Call the Media (Contact info below)

The 2017 White House Correspondents Association dinner is this Saturday, April 29.  The group was founded in 1914 in order to preserve first amendment rights of a free press when it was rumored that President Woodrow Wilson was going to hand pick journalists he would permit to attend his press conferences.

The annual event has evolved into a scholarship benefit for college students in journalism programs.  It is typically attended by the President, Vice President, and in recent years, several celebrities, opening the dinner to criticism of inappropriately close relationships between Washington insiders and the media.

This year, the current POTUS has opted not only to skip the event celebrating the First Amendment and its champions and warriors, but to compete with the event with a rally in Pennsylvania to feed his narcissistic urges.  Most media members have resigned themselves to the fact that their own employers will split coverage between their dinner and Trump’s extended victory tour event.  This is all part of #45’s mission to minimize and discredit the media and continue to disregard the First Amendment rights guaranteed by our constitution.

WE SHOULD NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.  In support of the First Amendment, let’s use every avenue available to us to let broadcast media organizations know that we don’t want to see another rally celebrating a xenophobic, self-promoting and profiting narcissist.   We want to celebrate the people and the institutions that keep us informed of what our elected officials are doing-  past, present, and future.

Please contact CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and tell them to applaud the presses constitutional right to keep America’s citizens informed with factual news.   Use email, social media, telephone calls, and faxes to ask these organizations to cover the White House Correspondents Dinner live and uninterrupted.

Corporate contact information for each below.   But consider tweeting, Facebooking, and emailing hosts and anchors as well.  For example @maddow and @andersoncooper









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