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  1. Demand our members of Congress protect the Fiduciary Rule and stand up for working Americans against shady financial advisers!  Last year, the Biden Administration announced a new rule making it illegal for financial advisers to give clients advice that goes against the client’s interests.  This protected Americans from shady financial advisers who pocket big fees at their client’s expense.  However, now there is a growing movement in Congress (filled with millionaires by the way) to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to overturn this rule and allow shady financial advisers to continue to mislead clients for profit.  Requiring advisers to make recommendations in the saver’s best interest can increase retirement savings by as much as 20% over the lifetime of saving Americans.  Insist our representatives NOT give a green light to shady financial advisers to rip off the American people!!
  • Celebrate Pride Month in June!  Our LGBTQ+ friends have been under incredible and unceasing assault by Republicans in the past several years.  We all need to be an effective ally for the LGBTQ+ community.  We can all do this by: Being Accepting, Having Humility, and Taking Action.  We can be Accepting by: let your LGBTQ+ friends set the tone for discussing their identity, assure them that disclosing their orientation or identity doesn’t change your feelings for them, don’t assume that LGBTQ+ people are homogeneous – understand their diversity.  We can Have Humility by: being a good listener, being open to learning, let our LGBTQ+ friends control when and to whom they come out.  We can Take Action by: be engaged in local government, celebrate events that honor and support the LGBTQ+ community, when you hear offensive remarks SAY SOMETHING!  Celebrate our diversity and what it means to be America!
  • Insist our Representatives in Congress OPPOSE the anti-wildlife bill, H.R. 7408!!  This latest attack on wildlife would gut the protections for hundreds of threatened and endangered species.  This bill is a blatant partisan effort to undercut the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and make it harder to protect imperiled wildlife and their habitats.  The ESA is our nation’s most effective wildlife protection law, successfully preventing more than 99% of species under its care from going extinct.  H.R. 7407 would also allow the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to approve logging of old growth forests, it would claw back over a billion dollars in the Inflation Reduction Act dedicated to conducting critical environmental reviews for infrastructure projects, it would allow States to develop their own recovery plans for species, putting partisan politics ahead of science, and it would severely limit where the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service could protect the places that species call home.  Demand our members of Congress RESIST this clear gift to wealthy developers across the nation!!

Sen. Mark Kelly: Call (202) 224-2235 (DC); Email via his website at https://www.kelly.senate.gov/contact/. Tag the Senator at @senmarkkelly.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema:  Call (202) 224-4521 (DC) or (602) 598-7327. Email via her website at https://www.sinema.senate.gov/contact-kyrsten. Tag the Senator at @senatorsinema.

Rep. Eli Crane: Call (202) 225-3361 (DC) or email via website at https://crane.house.gov/contact. Tag the Congressman @RepEliCrane

President Biden: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Mike Johnson, Speaker of the House,

202-225-2777 (DC) or email via website at:


Tag the Congressman @RepMikeJohnson

Senator Mitch McConnell:

Email: https://www.mcconnell.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=ContactForm

Call: 202-224-2541

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