Federal Action Alert – September 18, 2023

Produced by the Legislative Committee of the Coconino County Democratic Party and Democrats of the Red Rocks

FEDERAL ACTION ALERT –September 18, 2023

Democratic Party
A. Demand that our House Representative do his JOB and fund the government! The US House has returned from a month’s recess and the first thing they do is initiate an impeachment effort against President Biden – an effort that has no basis in facts. It’s just a clown show. The House needs to address the funding issues for the government and they only have two weeks to do it. MAGA Republicans in the House have made their intentions crystal clear – they are willing to force a costly shutdown to impose their extremist agenda on the nation. We need our Representative, Eli Crane, to step up and stop this foolishness and get to work on the serious business of governance. Fully fund the government with clean funding bills ASAP!! DO YOUR JOB!!!

B. Insist our House and Senate Representatives fully support the Food Labeling Modernization Act! Labels like “natural”, “organic”, and “local” appear on lots of different food products but do we know what they really mean? Weak federal labeling laws and fragmented oversight allow the food industry to stretch the meaning of these and other labels to mislead consumers into purchasing their products. This legislation would require prominent, standard, front-of-package nutrition labeling, require updates to the ingredients list and apply consumer-friendly labeling requirements. Urge our Representatives to help consumers choose the right foods for them and pass the Food Labeling Modernization Act!!

C. Demand Senator Tommy Tuberville stop his tantrum over DOD (Department of Defense) policy covering travel expenses for service members seeking abortions! Senator Tuberville, Alabama, has blocked over 270 military promotions so far. The Marine Corps, for example, is without a Senate confirmed leader for the first time in 150 years. Our military will continue to operate but this single Senator’s tantrum is costing service members and their families. People are taking on work they are not compensated for, it will impact their retirement benefits, and its created financial and logistical burdens for troops’ families. Senator Tuberville has stalled all high-level military promotions since February to protest the Pentagon’s new reproductive health policies. Five members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are required by law to leave their posts over the next three months. Tuberville is playing games with our national security and the well-being of our troops. He’s threatening national security! Tell him to knock it off!!!!

Sen. Mark Kelly: Call (202) 224-2235 (DC); Email via his website at
https://www.kelly.senate.gov/contact/. Tag the Senator at @senmarkkelly.
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: Call (202) 224-4521 (DC) or (602) 598-7327. Email via her website at
https://www.sinema.senate.gov/contact-kyrsten. Tag the Senator at @senatorsinema.
Rep. Eli Crane: Call (202) 225-3361 (DC) or email via website at
https://crane.house.gov/contact. Tag the Congressman @RepEliCrane

President Biden: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

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