It’s the Economy, and Trump is failing

Disapproval of Trump’s handling of the economy is on the rise. A month ago, Trump’s net approval on the economy was +10 (53-43%); now, it’s even (48-48%). Approval among independents has also dropped 14 points in the same period.

The economic crisis sparked by coronavirus is actually fueled by years of President Trump’s conservative economic policies. Trump is focused on juicing the stock market and helping massive corporations, but his ideas would be terrible for workers and the economy. 

  • In an economy where a huge slice of people cannot afford to miss a single paycheck is not the economy we should have.
  • An economy where people’s health insurance disappears with there jobs is also a mistake.
  • The pandemic has revealed the underlying weaknesses but they were there all along.

Here is the reality: The economy is not the stock market or corporations, the economy is everyday workers, families, and consumers. We are seeing this right now – millions of workers are suffering and the economy is in shambles, while the stock market has soared back from its lows. And in fact, there’s some reason to be concerned that recent stock market gains signal more trouble ahead for workers.  

The best thing for the economy would be for Congress to move quickly to pass strong legislation to help workers and families get through this crisis safely — not simply pushing people back to work before doctors and experts say the coronavirus is under control.  Especially because the vast majority of workers — particularly low-wage and workers of color — don’t have the option of working remotely and don’t have the economic cushion to stay home without strong and continued government support. We fear that Congress still doesn’t get this.

But the public is losing confidence in Trump’s approach.

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