by Darrell Boomgaarden, Legislative Chair

Lots going on so this will have to be brief.

  Use RTS (Request To Speak)


SB 1320 – Oppose – transfer of ESA oversight to Treasury from Education – sponsored by D Livingston who’s wife ran unsuccessfully for superintendent of schools  – a position now held by a Democrat
 HB 2476 – Oppose – Attempts to steal water rights from Gila Indian Community and blow up the Drought Contingency Plan just passed and signed last week.

  • HB 2015 & SB 1458 – Both bills are designed to muzzle teachers and make the REDFORED effort more difficult in the future. OPPOSE
  • HB 2032 – Support – Requires Charter Schools to use Open Meeting protocols
  • SB 1114 – Oppose – Allows religious excuse to be exempt from immunizations
  • SB 1353 and SB 1355 – Support – Expands Medicaid to Native Americans for diabetes and dental services.
  • HB 2616 – Oppose – makes it illegal to get paid to register voters – very unclear – what about DMV or County Clerk employees who register voters? Private organizations like League of Women Voters and NextGen?
  • HCR 2005 – Oppose – makes it VERY difficult to execute citizen initiatives

Send an e-mail to our state Senator, Sylvia Allen: don’t need much content in e-mail — just title it “Yes or No on Bill Number __ ” That’s about all they look at anyway. Her e-mail is:

  • SB 1320 – Vote NO – Transfers oversight to Treasury and away from the Department of Education (that now has a Democrat in charge)
  • SB 1395 – Vote NO – Expands ESA vouchers yet again
  • SB 1072 – Vote NO – Requires photo ID at early voting centers
  • SB 1090 – Vote NO – Strips County Recorders of emergency voting powers
  • SB 1188 – Vote NO – Drops voters from Voter registration if didn’t vote in last two elections – primary and general

Following are bills submitted by Democrats in the Senate – use RTS or contact  to express your support!

  •   SB 1503 – Establishes team teaching project at ASU with $5 million / year for 5 yrs.
  •   SB 1383 – Appropriates $6 million to elderly assistance by FY 2020.
  •   SB 1270 – Transfers $1 million / yr from lottery proceeds to fund 5 full time positions in the AZ Dept of Education’s office of Indian Education.
  •   SB 1268 – Increases annual transaction privilege tax revenue distributed to Navajo Technical University by $1 million / year from FY 2020 to FY 2027
  •   SB 1382 – Requires the Income Tax Credit Review Committee to meet at least annually & requires all new tax credits to have a sunset date.
  •   SB 1477 – Appropriates $4 million to State Forester for a best land management program.

“In God We Trust” license plate supports the Alliance Defending Freedom – a Scottsdale group designated as a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center because of anti LGBQ views and actions.

Call on  to discontinue this bigoted plate!!

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