Legislative Alerts ~ Week of March 18, 2019


SB1485 – Support – Puts a cap on tax credits for STO (Student Tuition Organization) tax credits.

SB1099 – Support – “Patriotic” students bill – allows group access to schools

HB2026 – Oppose – Muzzles Teachers

SB1300 – Support – Low income housing program

SB 1088 – Support – Provide dental coverage through Medicaid to pregnant women 21 and older

SB1451 – Oppose – Increases requirements for those who circulate citizen petitions

SB1090 – Oppose – Thwarts emergency voting procedures

HB2032 – Support – Requires 5 day “curing” period for mail-in ballots that were disqualified

HB2039 – Oppose – Isolates those who vote Federal form only

SB1250 – Support – Expands protective orders for victims of sexual assaults

SB1468 – Support – Establishes suicide prevention training for schools

HB2693 – Oppose – Allows parents to have loaded weapons within reach in their cars when dropping off or picking up children on school property

SB1314 – Support – Removes aggravating factors when seeking the death penalty

HB2493 – Support – Extra protection provided against excessive taxation on solar panals

SB1040 – Support – Establish a reporting on material fatalities


Send e-mail or call legislators on the RTS bills above as well if not showing up in RTS

            Sylvia Allen                                     602-926-5409

Jamescita Peshlakai (D) LD7  (602) 926-5160

            Bob Thorpe  –                             602-926-5219

            Walt Blackman –                    602-926-3043

Arlando Teller (D) LD7  (602) 926-3069

Myron Tsosie (D) LD7  602-926-3157

SB1395 – Oppose – Expands ESA’s

HB2470, HB2471, HB2472 – Oppose – All facilitates anti-immunization exemptions

SB1161 – Oppose – Undermines public schools through expansion of charter schools

SB1394 – Oppose – Ineffective Charter School reform

SB1173 – Support – Extends child care while getting education for jobs

HB2125 – Support – Secures Child Care funds from the Federal Government

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