Action Alert: Legislature attempting to dismantle the Independent Redistricting Commission

Your action is needed to prevent the dismantling of the voter created Independent Redistricting Commission.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 14th at 2 p.m. the Senate Government Committee will hear SCR1034 whose primary sponsor is Senate President Steve Yarbrough. This measure is designed to dismantle the Independent Redistricting Commission, reduce the voice of Independents (the state’s largest voting block), and permit the legislature to draw its own maps.

The bill increases the IRC from five to eight members and most egregiously permits the legislature to draw its own maps and send them to the voters even if the Independent Redistricting Commission adopted final maps.

Call to Action:

If you have signed up to use the Request to Speak system, click here to voice your opinion on this bill.

We need you to please call or email to speak out against SCR1034! Begin calling at 8:00 a.m. all the way through 1:59 p.m. these members of the Senate Government Committee:

Sen. Sonny Borrelli (LD5) (R) (602) 926-5051 

Sen. Lupe Contreras (LD19) (D) (602) 926-5284 

Sen. David Farnsworth (LD16) (R) (602) 926-3020 

Sen. Gail Griffin (LD14) (R) (602) 926-5895 

Sen. John Kavanagh (LD23) (R) (602) 926-5170 

Sen. Juan Mendez (LD26) (D) (602) 926-4124 

Sen. Robert Meza (LD30) (D) (602) 926-3425 

Talking Points:

  • This bill subverts the voter-passed Independent Redistricting Commission to draw Congressional and Legislative districts in a fair and independent manner.

  • This bill allows the Legislature to hijack the redistricting process.

  • This bill diminishes the influence of Independent voters, the state’s largest voting group.

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