Notice of Reorganization Meeting

It is time, following Congressional Elections, to re-organize the County Democratic Party and elect new officers.  We will have a meeting at 9 AM for coffee and donuts on Saturday, Jan 14, 2017 at the CCDems office at 201 E. Birch, Suite 6 (The Ice House on Birch and Agassiz).  At the re-organization meeting, all elected and appointed Precinct Committee persons (PC’s) are authorized to vote for the officers listed in the by-laws, as well as any other offices we so designate.  After electing officers, the Central Committee (defined as all elected PC’s) will elect state committee persons to represent Coconino County on the Arizona Democratic Party Committee.  The state party meets four times a year to determine policy for the state party.  Only elected PC’s are eligible to stand for state committee person.

We will also discuss planning for PC training and communications.

We need a quorum to elect officers, so please plan to attend!

We need lots of Democratic party support to build for Congressional victory in 2018!  We need support of each other to resist the current trends to backtrack on democracy!

Sallie Kladnik, Acting Chair

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