O’Halleran Joins 44 Other Dems in Calling for Infrastructure Bill

The New Democrat Coalition, of which Rep. Tom O’Halleran is a member, sent a letter to President Trump calling for immediate action, tied to tax reform, to deliver infrastructure spending to rural and small town America. The letter notes that the American Society of Civil Engineers rates the nation’s infrastructure as D+.  Our roads, bridges, ports, and water and gas pipelines are crumbling. The condition of our infrastructure slows and endangers commerce.

President Trump promised infrastructure spending during his campaign. Now is the time to deliver as the Congress begins to consider a tax plan that should provide revenue for the work.

The full letter is here: New Dem Infrastructure Letter to Trump

Separately, Congressman O’Halleran announced a Department of Transportation grant of nearly $8 million to rehabilitate the runway at Flagstaff’ Pulliam Airport.

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