President’s plans just another threat to hurt US

As you know, President Trump has threatened to close the Mexican border. Trump believes that closing the border will solve all our problems with illegal immigration, drugs and human trafficking. Once again Trump, the stable genius, has saved the day.

So therefore, why don’t we just go with that? And simply close the Mexican border? And be done with it?

No need for the Democrats to negotiate. No need for Congress to change the laws. No need for Mexico to increase apprehensions. We have a solution already, let’s just close the border!


Not sustainable you say? Ineffective you say? Harmful for our country you say?

I see. So Trump is not trying to solve a problem; he is simply threatening to harm our country unless he gets his way. Just like any common criminal would: “Unless you pay me a million dollars, I will kill your daughter.”

A president who threatens to harm our country does not just deserve impeachment – he is a traitor.

How come nobody sees it? How come nobody says it?


Arizona Daily Sun

April 14, 2019

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