Pro-Democracy Candidate for AZ Senate

Kyle Nitschke announced his run for AZ State Senate, LD 7 as a clean election candidate for the Democratic Party, running against incumbent Republican Wendy Rogers. Press release from Nitschke campaign follows:

Kyle was born and raised in Gilbert, AZ. He graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BS in Political Science and BS in Strategic Communications. Kyle has been organizing since 2016, fighting for a government that works to make the lives of Arizonans better. 
     In 2018, as the organizer for NextGen America in Flagstaff, Kyle registered over 2,500 young people and contributed to an increase in voter turnout in the 2018 election of 300% on NAU’s campus. After graduating, Kyle took a job with a Congressional campaign where he met with and listened to the concerns of thousands of Arizona voters.

       Kyle’s passion is in working with young people and increasing their political power. Arizona has seen drastic cuts to public education funding, and Kyle has seen the suffering of students, their families, faculty, and staff as a result. Kyle wants to see our public schools funded by 100% public funds.  Kyle wants to see a thriving Arizona with jobs that have benefits (paid sick leave, parental leave, retirement savings, etc.). Most importantly, Kyle wants to see a State Legislature that works for ALL Arizonians, not just wealthy Republican donors. 

     During this campaign, Kyle’s goal is to register and engage new voters in the district. By running as a Clean Elections candidate Kyle can focus on talking to voters instead of fundraising.

Please sign his petition link to get him on the ballot. And consider leaving a $5 donation through E-Qual to help Kyle qualify for his clean elections money. We only have 1 week to collect signatures through E-Qual! Please help us spread the word!

Public E-Qual Peition Link:

Public E-Qual $5 Qualifying Contribution Link:

Kyle’s Contact Information (please do not hesitate to reach out!):

Email Address:

Phone Number: (480) 560-4652

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